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Thursday, August 30, 2007


Are we all just so busy that we can't find time for much of anything? Or is it that we don't make time? I think the answer I have found in my life is it is simply the effort of finding the time. We all seem to find time for the things we want or that benefits ourselves. I challenge anyone that reads my blog to Make time to bless someone else this week instead of doing something for yourself. You may be thinking, I just don't have a spare moment... Well how many spare moments do you take to surf the web or do internet work, chat on the phone, watch t.v. go shopping or have manicures or work out? All of those things are fine, but they are all about OURSELF, what our flesh wants. That's what I'm talking about, just dying to your self one day this week and giving to some one in need. I will do the challenge too! Let's bless a neighbor in need or a church member or family member, someone that does not have a relationship with the Lord. Do it in secret, that's the best, when it's just between you and God! I know there's scripture on that, just can't find it.

What brought me into that discussion is the business that has kept me from posting. Just this and that, teaching, church, taking care of kids and house, etc. It's just stuff to keep us busy, ya know.

By the way, we had a pool party lastnight and our girls had a blast. It was late and we paid for the late night today! Good thing school was only half a day here!

Goodnight, sweet dreams.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quiet Day

It's been a quite day here. We went to church and just spent the rest of the afternoon and evening around the house. I can't believe it's night already, the day has passed so quickly. The girls and I haven't been out much lately since school started, so I'd like to finish school up early maybe Tues. and venture out to Kingsport Mall maybe. I'm not sure what we'll plan to do. Ma's having her 7th birthday celebration early this year so she can have a pool party, that will be Wednesday. We're planning for that, she has decided she wants to make cupcakes with a tropical fish decoration. Got the idea from familyfun. com. They have great craft and decorating ideas for kids.

Have a blessed week. Drop me an email or post.

Friday, August 24, 2007

We need Rain!

Goodness, we need rain so badly. I have prayed for rain and it looks like we might just get it by the end of the weekend. My garden was not successful, too much shade behind the house and not enough rain. I think mostly the rain was the problem. I have gathered about 10 cherry tomatoes total, and that's all. Pappy has been blessed though, but his garden is huge compared to my tiny one. The girls and I learned a lot with this garden, though.

School is going good this year. We switched from Abeka to Sonlight and I absolutely love Sonlight so far. It amazes me what Madison is learning in second grade. It is hard with the little ones running around, their attention span is so short, but I manage to do it. Having a schoolroom has been a necessity for us. This week Madison learned about adjectives and she had to think of a noun and describe it using adjectives and today she learned about using similes. She chose her baby Sister, Sophie. I thought it was just so precious that anything she wanted to write about she chose Sophie. Monday she will be writing a paragraph about her using similies. I'm excited to see what she will say. Vicki, if you read this, when we were learning about similies, I told her it rhymed with Emily so she'll think of Emily when we talk about similes.

I would like to add some prayer requests today:

1. for a precious lady that loves the Lord, her name is Beverly, she is very sick battling cancer and the drs. are not optimistic because of fluid and complications, she needs a miracle. her web posting is: www.xanga.com/watchingforhisword
2. my sister has been ill and could use some uplifting, she has pharyngitis
3. Rick's energy is still low and weak from the mono, he could use some energetic prayers

Praise Reports:
1. my father is doing great, his cancer spot is staying the same, no change so that frees him from more radiation and chemo
2. rick's pneumonia is gone
3. God has blessed abundantly

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

School Days

Lost Track of Days and Weeks

Whew, it has been so long since I've been able to update. Things are finally settling down for us. It has been a rough few weeks with sickness in our family, but we are blessed to be well again. I just cried last week with Rick in the hospital, that was so hard. I felt like a single parent trying to keep up a house and children all alone plus I wanted to be at the hospital every second, but that was not possible with school and my girls. God is so good and so faithful. I whispered my worries in a prayer last Tuesday morning. Our yard was overan with grass to the point I was concerned for my daughters to go out and play in case snakes were hiding. Our mower acts up so I didn't know if I could get the grass cut myself with it and keep the children on the porch while I tried to mow. I just prayed and I heard, "I will provide". The day passed and the grass was still high, I wanted to hire someone, but Rick said no. He came home that evening and I tried to use the mower and I couldn't get it cranked so Rick did get it started and it stalled on me so I just said forget this and told him I was paying someone to do it. With pneumonia and mono, he certainly did not need to be out there cutting grass in hot, humid weather. The next morning the girls and I had a swim field trip and he wanted to stay home to rest. When we returned home, Rick had cut the grass instead of resting. I was furious, but I was so happy to just have him home and was not going to argue, I just had tears. That was all I could do, my heart was broken. In the midst, God was at work. I thought He was not going to provide, but I knew I heard "I will provide" so why had He not provided? I was confused. The key is He did not say exactly what He would provide. At the end of the week, sure enough, he gave us a huge blessing and gift that will help unload Rick's work burden tremendously so that was our first blessing and the other was a precious man of God that saw our field was getting unmanageable with high grass. Madison came to me and said someone was mowing the field and I sure enough looked and it was Mr. Harold taking care of it. We had just returned home from delivering a meal to a precious family who had their 9th baby. I only asked God in secret to help me, no one knew what we needed except God and I would never have asked anyone to do it or even hinted that I needed help unless I was going to pay. But, God knew my heart and He did provide. It reminds me that He will surely keep his commandments.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007


My blogging is postponed for a bit... the last few weeks have been hard on our family. Rick was admitted into the hospital tonight with Mono and Pneumonia. Please pray for his healing, he is worried about us at home and his job, instead of taking care of himself. I am so sad, I've never spent a night in our home without him here since we've been married. When you get to read this, Rick, I love you so much. God will take us through. Your girls are wanting big hugs and kisses when you come home!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Very busy day, first day of school. We had fun.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Madison loves taking care of her Baby :-)


Tomorrow's the first day of School!

The freshly painted room still needs some finishing touches so I've got lots of work ahead. Not much time to post.

It is great to be well again!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


$5.79 a gallon?

I just returned from the midnight run to Food City... Food City brand milk has gone to $5.79 a gallon! Crazy! I thought of the Moore family and thought they must be saving with their goat's milk plus it's fresh and don't have to drive to get it.

Just wanted to share that interesting fact about the milk.

My dear preggy friend had a sonogram to see her baby today. How did that go my, friend? Did your baby wave a big hello to Miss Shandee :-) It's so fun being on the end of waiting for a best friends baby instead of me being the one pregnant for a change. I finally get to see my friend's baby belly grow and visit in the hospital if I want and spoil the siblings(Vicki and Susan taught me all about this type of pampering :-)! A new baby is wonderful! So very cute, too. I love them, I don't think I'll ever stop wanting one, ever! I love the cuddling feeling and all the hugs my babies give me. Isn't it the best, my mommy friends!

School starts Thursday, my girls can't wait! And it's wait too late for me to be up.

Tomorrow's my mommy's birthday. Mother of 2 and grandmother of 7 at 53! Happy Birthday Granny! Her cake is baking right now!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Healing and Embracment

I was awakened this morning with the word Healing echoed in my mind and heart. God reminded me that He is above all and can do anything if we have the FAITH. God's word tells us, Faith is believing what is not seen. I believed if God's will was to make my womb fertile one day that he would, and HE DID! I have four precious cuties to prove it. I battled infertility and a nearly LEEP procedure throughout that journey. The doctors said I was infertile and said I needed a LEEP procedure, but I stood on the word of God that is pure and absolute and I was HEALED each time with no surgery. God is so, so good. My point is, no matter what you are facing with health or emotional upset, God is in control in every area of our life. Even though we can not see Him physically, He has left us with His Holy Spirit and what a sweet gift He left us with.

Next, Embracement. Oh, how I have been embraced. I think of it so often. Well, I did not get better and felt like I could not swallow yesterday morning when I woke up. I thought to myself, how in the world am I going to take care of my children and go to the dr. and drive to pick up a scheduled delivery when I feel so sick. I knew I had to see a Dr. yesteday. My throat burned and my ears and body ached. Thankfully, Hannah's medicine has helped her and she was feeling better. Still, it's very difficult to manage four young children and a household when you're sick. I couldn't sleep for being uncomfortable. As I lay on the couch, hardly able to speak, my sweet Rick looked at me and was troubled with staying home or going to work. He had a deadline that had to be reached yesterday and a product to be mailed that was due. He felt torn and it was too painful for me to talk. I felt the Lord say "I will provide". He did. I felt a little better as the moring went on and enjoyed a precious moment on the porch watching my girls play as they cleaned Sophie's little cars with Febreeze air cleaner, which they used almost the whole bottle, but they were having fun and not hurting themselves. Sophie's little cars smell good and even shine now. Anyone that knows me knows that I had to catch a picture.Moments later, my husband came home from work and we settled the baby girls for quiet time. He hooked his laptop up and worked while I lay on the couch near him and took a nap. Then it was time for my appointment, the reults are Strep Throat and ear infection. The antibiotic really has helped me. The dr. was so kind and workd me in as a walk-in to her office, my regular dr. is off on Fridays. She treated me like a baby, just as a Momma would. I'm up and about today and I when I woke up my throat was not as sore as it has been.

Well, this is too long to go into detail to further continue about embracement, but I can tell you God is in control of everything. I have felt His embracement and healing through the work of His people.

I pray your day is blessed and if you have called or emailed thank you.

Lots of Love, Shandee

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Doing Better

I am so thankful that Hannah is doing better. She is on an antibiotic and it has helped her tremendously, her fever is going down. I feel better than yesterday, after I took the advice of my husband and took some medicine, that helped me. We still have a very painful sore throat.

This weekend is Tax Free Weekend for Back to School in TN and VA on school supplies. The girls have been asking to go to Chuck E Cheese for many, many months now.

My girls are all gathered around not giving me an inch of room. I thought I'd be able to post today before our quiet time, but they're not cooperating and I need to get them settled.

So long for now...

Look at my sweet little Hannah above.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Prayer request

Hannah and I need prayer for healing. I am very weak and have a sore throat. Pray God will give me the strength and healing I need to take care of my daughters while my husband works. Pray for Madison and Claire(ages 6 and 4) for wisdom and love as they are helping me so much and have such a weight on them at such a young age, especially Madison. She is amazing and basically trying to keep the house running as I am working as hard as my body can, but still lagging compared to usual.