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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yes, they are all mine!

Can I just say or should I just wear a tshirt that says, "yes, they are all mine" and "yes, all girls(I've recently started saying so far)" and "I KNOW I HAVE MY HANDS FULL, I ACTUALLY PRAYED FOR THIS!!!"

Goodness, today is the day I am fed up, Rick told me I was going to go off on someone if I heard that again. Everywhere we go, whether my children are in their best behavior or embarrassingly rowdy, we are stared at, laughed at, told we are blessed, or on one occasion prayed over. We are the center of attention, it is like we are the entertainment, can't we just look like normal people? There's only 4 sweet little girls, you'd think I had a dozen the way others act. Madison has actually taken the part of answering ages now, when we are asked, she looks at me and smiles and I say, "go ahead". People are amazed. Then, they ask for the names, it was so funny today, for the first time, each daughter knew to take the turn of saying her name. We are going to laugh at this story times to come and generations it will be passed down.

Oh, and this is my favorite "You going to have more" and then they laugh like she is OUT of her mind, she would never want anymore, and then when I say "YES", it blows them away. Sometimes, they are even bold enough to say: "better you than me" Maybe it's because my girls are all so young, I don't know. I really got a good laugh at a lady one day at the dr's office... She asked if they were all mine and I replied, "No, I'm bored so I just get neighborhood kids". Oh, the look on her face, it was blank and her mouth must have been hanging open for like 2 minutes. Finally, I told her they were all mine. Geesh, who do they think they belong to?

I remember when we were prayed for and annointed, the minister asked the Lord to let our child be a testimony and how that has came to pass. Amazing!

OH, OH, and when they find out we homeschool, that is a look too. I think they're thinking, yeah right, how do you do that? When we have appointments, we carry our work with us and people are amazed when I tell them the things my girls can do. They just sit there watching us and staring like we are tv and then I'll catch them looking and give them my biggest Shandee smile even when my girls are disobeying and then quickly turn away like they are so embarassed I saw them watching us.
Little Sophie was the best little helper as soon as her feet learned to walk at 10 months old. I have no idea, but I can tell you:

1. we are NEVER bored
2. we will never be lonely
3. there's enough of us to have a birthday party just by ourselves
4. my wardrobe will be plentiful(ma and i already wear the same size shoes)
5. i will grow old treasuring each moment i spent with my girls and remembering how much fun we had
6. there is always a laugh at our house
7. i have 4 little ladies that will help me with anything i need
8. i'll always having a shopping buddy
9. i will soon have live-in baby sitters
10. when someone is hurt, one of the girls beat me to comfort the other
11. there will always be food to eat, i have 4 little chefs and gardeners
and the list goes on

Yes, we do have our hard days, today was one of those and I do fail. Since I became a mother, I lost Shandee, but the change made me self-less and pulled me closer to God than I imagined. Any job has difficult times, but my job is worth it- I am investing in a soul for eternity.

Dedicated to all my mommy friends, especially those of large families :-)
And to the encouragement of my dear friend, mommy of 9, you are such an encouragement to us ALL!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Weekend to Remember Marriage Conference

For the first time ever, Rick and I spent the night away to attend Family Life's Weekend To Remember Marriage Conference. We were not able to attend but just Saturday, but the conferenc was wonderful. It is for engaged couples, newlyweds, young parenting couples, or anyone married. I learned so much about myself, people, and the precious gift of Marriage.

This picture is hilarious to us. Having children so close together has been a challenge and we desperately needed this conference. To make a long story short, the timing of what happened in this picture could have not been more perfect. It was God's way of sending a laugh when we needed it. Years from now, we'll be telling our grandchildren the story of this bathroom faucet, when I turned it on for water for the shower, the entire faucet was forced off and water came shooting through this pipe. We laughed so much. Oh, and when we first drove to the conference it had already started so we were not sure where we were supposed to be, we were at the entrance to A Gun Show at the hotel, we had to find the right place to go. So, we almost attended a Gun Show and then our shower faucet came flying off at the hotel. Do these things only happen to ME??

God blessed us financially and spiritually during this conference. His ways are so much better!


Halloween 2007

Finally posting, if I haven't sent you pictures already, you can view them here!

Curious George Theme
Idea Submitted by: Madison, Claire, and Hannah

Daddy-The Man with the Yellow Hat
Mommy-Teddy Bear
Madison-Teddy Bear
Sophie-Curious Sophie(look at her shirt :-)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Nearly Thanksgiving

Wow, can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? It is nearly here! It seems like after school starts, Fall is upon us and the Holidays approach. Believe it or not, I am quiet this evening. Just ready to go to bed, but I did want to post since it's been awhile. We are all well, healthy, and happy. We had a good day together enjoying the day off from school, we'll be back tomorrow, though.

Rick and I attended an awesome, inspiring, life-changing conference this weekend, and I'll write about it hopefully on my next blog. I have some sweet pictures to upload and share, too.

Till Next Time,

*goodnight, sweet dreams*