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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Dear Friends,

How I don't know where to begin... what a time we have had. This virus is nasty and if I HATE anything, I HATE this virus, which my girls tell me to not say hate, but I don't know how else to say it. We are on Day 12 with Sophie. Since my last update, she has had some good days and some bad reoccuring days which brought us into the DR's office yesterday. Basically, she is being given phenagryn to help relieve these bouts of vomitting and diarhea, it seems to be working. She is the only one to not be completely recovered in our family. She is the youngest also. We have cloroxed, lyesoled, opened windows,continuously cleaned, using gloves, and even thrown out some soiled laundry. Susan, if you are reading this, what more can I do?! I am just tired of this. I want it to be gone! Since our recovery Madison and I have developed what is appearing to be colds... we have not been anywhere but home and myself in between Sophie's doctor. I think it's just because our immune system is down. I tell you, WE WILL CELEBRATE when we are well, any suggestions besides Chuck E Cheese? I feel like they deserve a HUGE gift as sick as they have all been. Strep throat, the flu, and stomach virus are all going around terribly here. Even some schools have been closed due to an epidemic. We had snow lastnight and that closed schools today and tomorrow. We will continue though because we were out nearly all week last week sick. Just crazy!

I pray everyone is well and blessed. Can't wait till spring!

With Love

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wed. Feb 13th Dr. visit to check Sophie's Ear fluid and infection, picked up rotovirus and did not know it

Thursday Beautiful Valentine Day, girls requested dinner by candlelight and how thankful I am that we agreed to give them that present because we were about to be hit with a bug

Friday 1:45 a.m. Hannah wakes and begins throwing up constantly alnight
9 a.m. Hannah is getting lethargic, call pappy to stay with the girls while I take her to the ER
11 a.m. Hannah is hooked up to IV and blood work was taken, Hannah gets fluids for the next few hours
Early Evening = We come home and Hannah was feeling better

Saturday 11 p.m. Rick feels nauseous and begins to get sick, Madison begins throwing up
I start cleaning up with clorox and gloves, Madison and Rick stay in our room to avoid contaminating others.

2 a.m. Claire wakes up throwing up, I continue clean up

I am starting to feel nauseous and rebuking it with prayer

7 a.m. Sophie and I start throwing up

We are all sick and Hannah is feeling a little better. The rest of us are now having diarrhea and vomiting. I have not had any rest alnight at this point and start to get dehydrated. Sophie is worrying me. Other girls are laying in the floor with a pan by their side. Rick is sick and feels as bad as I do.

Call our dear friends the Earwoods. Mr. Harold stays on the porch to watch the girls from outside to avoid contact with the virus, they have a new baby! Rick takes Sophie and myself to the ER. I cannot walk, have to be transported by wheelchair while holding Sophie. I am given fluids and meds by IV. Sophie lays on me resting. My sister and her husband come to us and take us home about 9. I am no longer feeling so nauseaus or near passing out and can walk out of the hospital. Sophie seems okay, her bloodwork was ok he said, they sent her home with phenagryn, but I'm still not sure.

Monday We all seem to be getting better. The phenagryn seems to be working for Sophie and the rest of us.

11 p.m. Sophie begins to throw up and have diarrhea alnight. She is lifeless I am very worried.

Tuesday 6 a.m. I am going to take Sophie to her dr's office as soon as they open at 8
8 a.m. Sophie is barely moving, holding her head down,not talking and eyes drooping. I know she needs IV fluids and meds. It was so cold and snowing. I had to take her from the dr's office and put her in the van then drive to the hospital and take her to the lab. She gets bloodwork and did not cry again even as bad as she was feeling. I had diaper bags, a bag for her to throw up, jackets and a baby to carry. No one offers me anything. I found an adult wheelchair, unloaded the bags and put her in it so I could register for lab services. Her head hung to the side on the wheelchair. I was about in tears, but beyond that. We waited for blood results. 45 mins later, a lady comes to us and says they are admitting Sophie. The nurse sweeps my baby out of the wheelchair and begins to walk with her and I said, "NO, that is my baby. I have to carry her". She grabs the bags and walks quickly to the Ped. unit as I follow. We are swarmed with nurses asking me lots of questions, checking my baby, saying we have to get her shirt off now and get an IV in her. Questions, I couldn't even answer some. There were about 6 people in there. I prayed for her IV, she didn't even cry, she was lifeless. My heart sank and I prayed the entire time. The nurse said she prays each time before she starts an IV. Praise God it was fine the first try. Bar came to the hospital so she could stay with Sophie while I moved my vehicle and signed paperwork in Admissions. Each time she had bloodwork, she did not cry, I was so thankful.
4 p.m. Sophie had raised her head by now and began to notice the things around her room. She asked for Pop! Praise God, she was a different baby. She ate dinner and stopped vomitting!
7 p.m. Granny & Pappy came to our house and brought dinner& stayed with the girls so Rick could see his daughter.

Wednesday, after noon, Bar and the girls were waiting on us as we came home from the hospital. Sophie's ears were cleared from the infection and she did not throw up anymore. I have pictures when she was starting to feel better if you would like, I can send those once we download them. It was like I was bringing my baby home from the hospital for the first time, only without Rick. He had to go to work, he had no vacation days left to take.

Thursday RESCUE AND RECOVERY at home< I have cloroxed and lyesoled and cleaned all I can clean.
We are still sluggish, but how precious it is for our home to be filled with laughter, running, playing, and the sweet sound our girls give this home.

Thank you for calls, cards, prayers, food, your time, and everything you have done to help us. Not sure when I'll be back online, but wanted to update and thank each one of you!

This whole time I have been thinking of sickness others face and the children that are very sick in this world, it is just a joy everyday to wake up well, we take it for granted.

And, Edee, you are right-we had already planned to celebrate BIG TIME once we are all completely well!!!

With Love,
Shandee for all of us Childresses on Shawnee Avenue

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing you all a Happy Day. There's not much left, I hope it was a good one.

Ours was very sweet and truly blessed. I had a lunch date with my husband and it was truly the best Valentine's Day yet. Thank you Rick, and thank you to someone that God placed on their heart to bless us with a Valentine Lunch. I can't believe it, but it was true. I had a lunchdate with my hubby and it only costed us gas money for me to drive. What a blessing. Sometimes, do you just sit in AWE of how sweet our God is and how HE loves us more than anyone, even our spouse!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Oh dear, it is a cold winter day and night. I hope spring is ready to burst!

Well, no good news about Sophie. After the appointment last weekend, she was feeling much worse this week and by Wednesday I had great concern. Her eyes and nose were just dripping with water, her face was flushed red. I was so worried, she looked so pitiful. I called a pediatrian's office and asked if they would see her, and they kindly accepted. Our dear little Sophie was feeling pretty bad... and I must say this office was so kind from the lady who anwers phone calls, to the nurses, and the dr. I was so thankful. She kept looking at Sophie and asking me if she had been drinking and eating, and specifically looked at me and said, "Are you sure?" I thought dear Lord, please oh please do not let her be put in the hospital. I was there alone with my 3 other girls and just thinking if that happened, where would I go, with Sophie to the hospital and let me girls stay in a dr's office ALONE till family could get there-alone without ME 30 mins to an hour! OR do I let them take my baby and stay with my girls? Let Sophie get an IV and be held down by strangers without me, oh dear, I was so torn. I looked at this dr. with strongness and boldness in my voice and said, "She has been doing fine, just a little decrease". Again, she looked at Sophie and began to ask questions about her cough. She was laying in my arms crying in tears and I was trying to soothe her standing up rocking, my other girls' eyes were glued to us, and they ran to their baby sister. My heart was beating fast. I told the dr. I think she would be fine if we can get her some medicine. She said her ears were terrible and her throat looked like strep and her overall exam looked like FLU. FLU swab was negative, thank God. Rapid STREP was neg. Ears to the point of near rupture. Oh, I was furious at the dr. that saw us Sunday on her birthday and would not treat her. I was so mad because I warned him of this. She gave me the details of what to look for and not to panic if we had a rupture. Praise God we are on Day 4 of Amoxil and she seems okay. Still pulling at her ears, which concerns me, but they must have been really hurting her, but she did not complain like they were hurting that bad. After that point, I realized when any of my children are that sick that I must not go alone to the dr's office like that without someone to help me in case I need childcare for others. She was really that sick and it makes my heart overwhelmed for St. Jude's children that have to go through so much and for little Westin and his Journey. God Bless these little children. They are so precious and I thank God for my babies, they are such a gift and I was reminded of this at the dr's office last week.

-sharing from my heart, shandee

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Dear Friends,

I am in search of a good pediatrician or family doctor in the area that will listen, believe, and treat my children. I am so frustrated after Sunday's Dr. Visit. First, it was Sophie's bday and we were getting ready for her family party. Rick and I had been up preparing the night before till 2 am and we were all sick with stuffy noses, headaches, weakness, and just feeling plain ole yucky. I felt the worse I have in a long time, maybe I had forgotten what it felt like to feel so bad since it has been so long that I've been sick. I don't know, but I was getting really concerned about my girls and I felt like I could barely move let alone have a party, but it was my baby's 2nd birthday! What to do?! After getting out of the shower, I sat on my bed and wept; at that point, Rick and I had to decide if we could continue this party plan. He lovingly looked at me and said, "Who is the most important people for this party?" I looked at him with no hesitation and answered, "us, and the girls." At that point, we decided we did not feel like a party and I was contemplating going to the ER myself and which children were the worst that needed to go. 3 hours before Sophie's party, Rick called our family to let them know we had to cancel. The only reason it was a decision was that we were worried about disappointing family, but it just came to the point that we were not well enough. Besides, we didn't need to bring anyone into this house with germs. All Sophie wanted for her birthday was Pappy. I think he was disappointed more than anyone when we cancelled. My heart just sank. We went to a clinic instead of ER because it was $20 copay vs. $100 copay ER. The dr. said that ears had fluid and Claire had knots and knots of lymph nodes(which I had been aware of-I've been doing some herbal remedies with them since the summer, will make that a topic for one blog sometime). Their fevers ranged from 99.2-99.8; however, after 10 days of sickness and all this visible signs, he said they did not need an antibiotic! What? Excuse me, we are leaving this place paying $60 copays and no antibiotics and it is my daughter's birthday, why did we come?! I explained to him I have never in my 7 years of motherhood seen my children that sick and recover without an antibiotic. He said time was the best thing. Time for what, to get in the hospital like what happened to Rick this past summer? Oh, this dr. did not like my attitude and it was an attitude, I told him that no one knew my children better than me and I am with them nearly 100% of the time everyday of their life. Oh, I was so mad to think he was not going to treat my girls or even myself. I did insist he do a FLU test on me because I felt like this time last year when we all came down with the flu.
Here's the scenario, I am holding little Sophie, he walks toward me with the long Swabbie thing and sticks it in my nose. Yeah, a bit uncomfortable, then he continues to push it farther into my nose to where I cannot believe he can go any farther and I cry out, jerk my head back, and my nose burns horribly like when you get water in your nose from swimming. At this point, Rick takes Sophie and this dr. proceeds to do the same with my other nose. SHOCK! Oh, it hurt so bad, burning, burning, burning. I cried and sobbed and he walked out. I have never, ever, seen them put that swab in someone's nose like that with any of my children. My first thought was PAYBACK. I think he did it on purpose to hurt me for questioning his decision and to continuing to making my point that my girls needed antibiotics. When he came in to tell me the test was negative, he did say that he was sorry, but I think he just said that, which is questionable. But, my nose burnt like that for several hours into the night and that should not have been the case. I am so mad. OH, and he told me his 3 yr. old child attends daycare and has a runny nose since fall and will keep one until spring/summer when warmer weather hits. So, for months and months, this PEDIATRICIAN is letting his child be miserable. What's up with that? Anything I've ever read says a runny nose like that for a long period of time is to seek professional attention. What is this man thinking?! I am so disappointed with that visit, I will never go back and if it means driving my children to a TN office to see a dr. I will do it. Crazy, and no, I"m not bitter about the whole thing ;-)

So, anybody out there know a good pediatrician that will listen to a mom and take their time during office visits? let me know if you do! Rick suggested I go into these offices and do interviews, I think that is a great idea, and I plan to do that and seek God about this. When it comes to my girls, I demand the best care and will accept nothing less! Yeah, God gave me this stubborn personality and I"m still trying to figure out how He wants to use it.

Thanks for loving me, friends.


Yours Truly,

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sophie's Snow Man

I have tried for many weeks now to upload images to post pictures, but for some reason, my images will not upload. I'm sorry, I was excited to share. This was supposed to be a picture of Sophie and her snowman. She loves her snowman.

Sunday, February 3, 2008