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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I found one!

I found one, I found one! I took a walk and surely behind my house underneath a tree, I spotted two dryland fish. I took a picture. One was nearly crumbled apart and the other is still out there. The girls were so excited. Today, I went to look at the one that was growing and Sophie followed behind. She pointed and said, "goldfish." She later asked to walk up to the garden spot, which I don't know if it will be a garden spot this year. We made our rounds up there, came to the front of the house and told me she wanted to go back there. I looked at her and said, "no" and she said "pleeese." How could I resist? She is precious! She calls the garbage can, "garbage dump." She is hilarious, keeps us laughing constantly. Oh how much joy she has added to our family and to think she was just a sweet present from God that I did not even ask for.

It's been a gorgeous week here on Shawnee Avenue. It actually got so hot today that our girls went inside. I couldn't believe it. Madison got a really bad cut below her knee from a bike accident today. I doctored it up for her. She is precious, she didn't even cry. I wondered if she needed stitches, there are some hunks out, but I think it'll be okay. We'll be keeping an eye on it. She is so strong, amazing little girl.

Hannah says she is a cheerleader and Claire still thinks she is a power ranger. Neither of them know what each of those things are, they think it's just a cute costume. So funny.

Almost time for Dollywood! We are all so excited!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today I title my blog Morels. This is a long-time favorite tradition here in Wise County and I do wonder if in the South in general. It is that spring time of the year when the thing to do is hike in the woods and look for "dryland fish". When we lived in Pittsburgh, I never heard anyone talk about this. I did some research and found the gramatically correct term to what my family calls "dryland fish". I still don't know why we call them "dryland fish." Well, I haven't ventured in the woods to find any. The farthest I venture is my house and the first year we bought our home, I was pleasantly surprised by two growing behind me house. My family spends hours in the woods looking for these things. Some find it fun, I suppose. I just think it's neat because it's tradition. So, for the next few weeks, I"ll be hearing, "found any dry land fish?"

My memory of Spring as a child is getting on a jacket, a bag, and heading out into the woods with my mother to look for these things. At the time, I despised the thought of getting dirty and walking in these woods and was made to follow my mother in something I did not want to do. I wore the wrong shoes and I still unfortunately do and my feet would be so dirty from wearing flip-flops and trying to climb mountains in the woods. What was I thinking?! My mother probably just let me go instead of fighting a battle with me, why did God make me so stubborn?!

Check this out for more info. on morels: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.naturealmanac.com/archive/morels/morels_clump.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.naturealmanac.com/archive/morels/morels.html&h=238&w=240&sz=34&hl=en&start=16&sig2=ZEes1RfMt7ivj5bh3kgskA&tbnid=MSGEyBy4Hem1uM:&tbnh=109&tbnw=110&ei=c_wHSP3FIJq6gwLCvsjEDQ&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dmorels%26gbv%3D2%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG

And if you know or have seen a morel, post YES :-)


Saturday, April 12, 2008

prayer request

I do request prayer for the Earwood Family. Some of them are being hit with the yucky stomach virus and they have a 2 1/2 month old, pray this little guy will be protected!


How are things your way?

All is well here. My husband is cutting our grass and the little ones are resting and will awaken.

Bar spent Thurs night with us and took Madison to her guitar lesson which was a real blessing. We had lots of fun with her here, it was sad to see her go home. She did morning school with us and left when we breaked for lunch. We did a Science Experiment with her studying light. It was funny! The last part of the experiment we all went in the bathroom and turned the lights out and then I turned on the flashlight to show them how the light "jumps" on the wall. It was so funny for us to be in the dark with a flashlight with their Grandma during a Science lesson. They'll never forget that, they laughed and laughed!

Tomorrow, we are going to paint at Bar& Paw's house. They are fixing an upstairs for the girls to have a playroom and an extra bedroom for our crew. It will be nice for the girls to have a place in the house to call their own.
We don't get to visit a lot because it's an hour drive and we are into school and other things. It's nice knowing that if we want to we can just pick up and go, then come home the same day and it not be a long drive like it used to be when we lived in PA. Tomorrow after church, we will go paint the playroom lilac. It will be interesting.

Today is sunny, windy, and cooler than the past two days. I love the fact that spring is here, though.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Quiet Time

AHHhhh... Quiet time at the Childress Home. It is the time of day when all calms and all children rest quietly. Some do not sleep so they find a quiet moment to themselves for reading, drawing, or anything quiet that they can do alone. It is a time for refreshing for all. Usually, Madison and I do her History reading at this time, but today is our day of rest. What a gorgeous day it is here in the mountains. We got a lot of rain yesterday and lastnight. Green is erupting everywhere and spring is blossoming. I love this time of year, my favorite. Rick reminded me yesterday that soon these mountaintops will appear green everywhere.

We have a lot to look forward these next few weeks. It will begin the weekend of April 26th with a trip to dollywood in Tn. Check out www.dollywood.com for the park info. I"m so excited, we have never been to a theme park together. The girls are excited too. After that trip, we will celebrate our anniversary in May and 2 weeks later head off to NC beach with Bar and Paw for a week. 9 hour drive and whew are we not looking forward to a drive with the little ones. If grandparents travel when we do, they can maybe help keep the girl's attention. We'll be driving seperate vehicles and if the big girls go with the grandparents, that will take away my helpers so they have to all stay together. We all have a job and without one child, there is a space in our "system". We have chore assignments, a buddy system, and other little things we have learned along the way. The girls are doing very well with their training at home. Sophie just amazes me with the things she does and realizes. I wished so badly I would have started with Madison and Claire, but I did not know or realize how important it was. I see such a difference in Sophie. Such obedience...All that said to know we are gearing up for the next sweetie God will send when He wants to send him or her. The girls say him, but we never know, maybe another girl.

Time is up for the big girls so I will sign off now and let them know they are free to what they want now for the day. I hope your day is blessed. Enjoy all the time you can with your family and savor the fresh air of Spring. it's here!

With Love,