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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Reading Program with Mom&Daughters

All the girls won a nice tshirt and bag for reading their Authors list and turning it in.

WE have a winner!

Hannah was the only Childress to win a Trophy. Hannah placed third with having read 135 books. The front two were tied for first place with the little boy having read over 1600 and the little girl beside him having read over 1300.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

1000+ Books~

Tomorrow, we will end the Summer Reading Program. There is one child who, as of last Monday, had read over 1000 books in 4 weeks!!! Yikes, that's not us... How can a person read that many books? Or in her case, have had that many read to her....

So, in anticipation, I await tomorrow morning to see if any my children won a trophy in their age category. Little Hannah was our top reader, who had listened and looked through a total of 135 books! Way to go Hannah. Claire & Sophie ranked in at 123 with Madison trailing at 125. I did not keep track of Madison's books this year for the first time. I figure she is 7 years old this year and should be accountable for her own record-keeping with supervision. She lost a list of at least 10 books and did not record each book she read resulting in fewer total books, hopefully a lesson learned...

We were given a sheet of 27 authors and needed to read two books by each author. That was stressful for me. A summer reading program stressful? Silly! I don't know if we'll do it next year or if we do, just do it for care-free fun and not feel like we have to be there everyweek!

Blessings to all and Happy Summer Reading Programs!

Stay tuned to see if we have a Childress Trophy winner tomorrow...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Time

As I write this I am mixed with emotion. Summer time will surely come to an end when school starts and my heart is torn. It will be sad to leave the days of just hanging out doing whatever the girls and I choose. Which truly is not "hanging out." It is more like which room of the house are we going to organize or what do we need to accomplish today. It will fill my heart with happiness to see accomplishments and things they are learning in school, I have missed my time with them. The neat part about schooling them is I let everything go and dedicate the days to them. I am hoping and believing this will be our easiest year ever. I will not have any potty trainers, no baby to nurse, and no one under the age of 2. Wow, what a different school year this will be. Our hearts are for a spring or summer baby. I am believing God for faithfully taking care of my womb as I have faithfully believed in healings and children and He has graciously given me those things and He will surely be faithful if His plan is for more children.

This summer we have been:

1. Training. Training with chores, cooking, obedience, sibling care, and scheduling while also learning how to bless others and minister to others. I can't believe God is using our family to minister to those in need of various things. You see, when my girls all "quack" into view, they are living miracles of our faith! I just sit in awe of a faithful God. By the way, the "quack" story is, I tell my little ducks to follow me and they have started "quacking" as they follow. We are the row of ducks crossing the road.

Side Story> we were having lunch out a few weeks ago at a mall cafeteria which was 99 cent Kids Meal day(dessert, drink, 2 sides and entree all for .99 cents!) My girls were behaving very nicely and quietly, we don't have to do anything to draw attention, people automatically stare to see 4 small children in a row. Madison was pushing the double stroller with only one child in it at the time-Hannah, Sophie was holding my hand, Claire was in front. Just let me say I had lost patience with people that day making comments and staring. If my girls were unruly and wild, with bad manners, they would have reason, but this truly was not the case. There were two older ladies gawking at us. Heaven knows what was going through their mind seeing me with these girls. People will laugh as we go by, snicker, make jokes, stare us down, shake heads, etc. So, I was at my boiling point. I just looked that these women with a HUGE smile and said, "AREN'T THEY THE CUTEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?!" I really blew them away. It really embarasses people when I "catch" them doing this. Would you know that taught them a lesson and they immediately turned away, made a small tempt to smile and that was it. That is going to be my new line, "AREN'T THEY THE CUTEST THINGS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?!"

2. Summer Reading Program; Every Monday. Book lists, book lists. Some children have read over 1000 books in four weeks. I am beside myself, we're struggling to get 50. I have told the girls if they do not get a really cool prize, next year, we are taking a break. It is stressful to try to read all those books and I simply cannot compete with that and do all the other things we need to do.

3. Visiting Grandparents and family

4. Having lunch with Rick. He works locally sometimes! What a blessing!

5. Cleaning

6. Hope to learn to make freezer jam

7. Playing outside

8. Going to the pool

9. Cleaning out storage from when we moved 3 years ago!!

10. Camp Curves

It's getting too late, I am out of energy, I can't think much at this point. I think the posting about all the people gawking at us wore me out :-)

Goodnight and God Bless your Families

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sophie, photo captured by: Rick

Look at this look on her face; sweet, innocent, and SPOILED with lots of Love by all who live in this house!

One of Sophie's favorite things to do is; after she is finished eating, "Mommy, hold me."

Also, she still loves to snuggle and crawl in our bed! Her foot is doing much better, so I think it's time she sleeps in her own bed alnight(she did on her own this week 2 times in a row, Yippee Sophie!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hair Ribbons and Bubbles

My last post made me think about something I've been wanting to share on. Hair Ribbons....
Tomorrow for the first time in weeks, there is no place to be, no errands to run, and nothing on the calendar. I am so thankful! Tomorrow my prayer is that I can just spend time with my children having FUN, not worrying about chores or the messes.

Sunday in church, I saw a family walk in with 4 or 5 young teenage women. I looked at them and then it hit my heart like an alarm clock! Those girls were my babies grown up! They looked all to be close in the same age range just as my girls. I looked at little toddler Sophie I was holding and my Hannah that snuggled against me, then to Claire sitting there already like a young lady, Madison was sitting with her buddy and then I began to get lost in my mind thinking, "NO!!!" NO, they will not be little like this forever. Oh, this was a wake-up call to me. I have been so busy with just bathroom breaks, laundry, and meal preparation that I have not taken time to ENJOY them, to just look at them. One day, my little girls will be young women and Madison is already nearly there.

So my prayer for tomorrow is that I will play with hair ribbons, blow bubbles, maybe splash in the water, and play with my girls all day like a little girl with her baby dolls. That there hair will be the soft silk like the fun of putting hair ribbons in my doll's hair-that it will not be just another task...that dressing my girls will not be just putting on clothes, but a fun time to pick out a new outfit for my doll and change them over and over because it's fun...bathroom breaks will be exciting as when I had my first baby doll that could actually "pee"...cleaning up spills will be funny and adventurous as I would dream to be a mommy one day...summer will be a wonderful memory for all of us...that I will play whatever game they want and that it will be FUN and not work. I will thank God for this chance. I wouldn't miss it for the world, He has blessed me with the dream of being a Mommy! Thank you, God!

Goodnight my friends and God Bless your families


Okay, I was going to post on this last week, but instead posted on Sophie's Accident. By the way, she is running around on her foot and doing very good for the cuts she has. There is one big chunk that is still a little loose, but she is back to her old tricks.

Alright, discouragement. What I was going to post would have been much more in depth when it was fresh on my mind, but here goes my thoughts today. I was having a really hard day, one of those days that I just didn't know which way to turn or what to do. The girls were acting up and whining really bad and I was pretty much aggravated and stressed. I cried out to the Lord and asked him for help and He assured me he would not leave me nor give me children that I was not capable of caring for. I love my girls more than anything, some days are just really hard with a 2, 3, 5, and 7 year old(which is really a good helper.) I decided maybe we just needed to get out of the house for lunch that day, maybe fresh air would do us all some good. Turns out, Rick just happened to be in a neighboring town so we had lunch with him! That was a very nice treat. Then to top it off, we went to Wal-Mart and did some shopping. The Lord really blessed me with a sweet surprise of having Granny&Pappy "by chance" being there at the same time. It was the neatest thing, when I was checking out, Granny said, "I'll just take the girls to the bathroom for you" and I turned to only see Pappy loading my cart full of Tide and bulk items. Wow! That has never happened to me. I shopped Wal-Mart the least stressed I have ever been, had my bathroom breaks covered, then had groceries loaded into the cart. That was the easiest Wal-mart shopping trip I think I ever made. Thank you Granny & Pappy. Thank you God for blessing me. I told them they really blessed me that day. Little do they know what a morning I was having and how God used them to fulfill His promise to me! He is so faithful when we call on Him. It may not be what, when, or how we think He will answer, but His ways are so much better than ours! I was so discouraged and felt like a failure because I was stressed that morning. I felt like I was the worst mom for getting aggravated and not calmly being as patient as my heart wanted to be with my girls that day. I was discouraged and felt sick in my heart. Then, His promise was whispered into my ear and it all started to change. I am so thankful I have His promise, His word in my heart, and only the love Jesus can fill our life with.I am being real. This was one of my struggles, it's not all beautiful hair ribbons, trophies, fancy dresses, and a spotless home, nothing is glamorous or perfect in this world. I pray to walk so much more in the Spirit than my flesh. Lord, help us all...we are nothing without You!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sophie's Accident

Yesterday evening, we had a trip to the ER. Sophie was running around playing after we cleaned up from dinner. The other girls had placed a picture frame against the wall. For whatever reason, Sophie decided to go step into the frame that was propped. I was in the same room, saw her foot going into the glass and yelled, "SOPHIE!" As I yelled, she started to pull her foot back, but the glass had already shattered. I thought, "Oh, NO!!!" I immediately picked her up and told the other girls to stay away and for Madison to go get her Daddy. Blood was dripping onto my pants from her foot and I think I was actually panicking inside, but knew I had to seem calm to the children. Rick came out and got a wet waschloth and began putting pressure onto the bottom of her foot. I began to pray, just pray and I felt the Lord's presence with us so I knew He was protecting her. I wondered why it was still bleeding if I felt him touch her. Later at the ER, we found out that this cut could have been much worse. The Dr. told us that Sophie's guardian angel surely was with her because it could have cut deep into the tendon. Thankfully, no glass appears to be in her foot and the cut is deeper than an everyday cut, but she went home with a pretty pink bandage and no stitches. I thank God. Lastnight was hard for her, I think her foot must have hurt, she cried out and awakened in her sleep many times. Is she ever going to get out of our bed?! I don't know,but am still not forcing it since this happened. I love my girls so much.
During our trip, I kept thinking of our dear friend that had to get stitches in her forehead(Emily) and was hurt at church. How scary that must have been to see all that blood for you, Vicki. It took me a while to calm myself down lastnight, I truly just panicked inside.

Sophie is still sleeping in my bed of course ;-)

I had planned to post this on the subject of discouragement but this happened so next time I will post on the subject.

Until next time...