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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Starts Thursday!

Dear Friends,

School starts Thursday. Excitement and dread fall upon my shoulders. Mixed emotions. It's like I am ready to just go ahead and start so we can get on with it. I am dreading it because I know that I will be accountable for teaching and reviewing plus meeting schoolboard standards which stresses me. I just feel pressured because of that. On the other hand,I am very excited to teach the girls many things. Kindergarten is so far my favorite grade to teach. It is still fun and it is the point where I see the most remarkable improvement. Learning to read and write, add and subtract, tell time, and count money! Wow, the whole world will come alive to the kindergartners. Madison is excited to officially have her sister alongside this year. My schoolroom is ready, I am prepared(most prepared I've been so far) plus the girls are ready. There is one thing, though...I would delight in having them a new outfit to wear Thursday for their first day picture. With homeschooling, I do not go shopping for new wardrobes or clothes like I did as a child when attending public school. We pretty much buy through the year as needed and save where we can. Which reminds me, I will have to switch out Fall clothes and I dread that. There is always a sense of dread because when Madison was a baby she was so sick in the winter time and I relate her illness to the winter clothes and last February was harsh so I am not looking forward to seeing those winter clothes. I am looking forward to the Holidays, though. Hannah loves Fall and pumpkins, for the month she was born in and that makes me smile. I really enjoy shopping on Black Friday with my hubby and of course, Christmas is awesome. I often watch the girls pal around and sometimes disagree and I just smile inside thinking, "wow, what fun it must be to have this many sisters that are my friends"and then I realize why no one wants to sleep and everyone wants to wake up early. We are pretty much a birthday party and slumber party all rolled into one EVERY DAY and EVERY NIGHT!Who would want to miss out on a minute of this excitement!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mommy and Madison

Camp Curves came to an end last week with our team-The Sisterhood losing :-(
We were ahead by points until the last 20 mins. of camp when the opposing team came in with a list of 109 buddy referrals at 10 points each which blew us out of the water....Whew, who can compete with that the last 20 minutes?! The Curves owner still gave our team a party for being a good sport and served us tasty and healthy refreshments. Thank you Curves for letting my daughters see my home away from home :-) It amazes them that I have a whole other world. My first camp experience was lots of fun and great memories sharing with my daughters. At one point, Hannah looked up at me with such admiration while I was working on a machine and it touched my heart. She asked if she could have the I Love Curves sticker as we left. As I was securing her car seat, she looked at me with the biggest smile and said, "I was the winner" and placed her sticker on her chest as proud as can be.

A day in the life of Shandee...

Claire with Mommy

Hannah and Mommy(I won this shirt!)

Sophie and Mommy at Camp Curves