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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today's Quotes

Hannah's prayer: "let us have a beautiful day, let there be a rainbow in the sky, and help baby grow strong"

An inquiry by a businessman today as he crossed our path, "how many do you watch every day?" I had my homeschool tshirt on and he thought I was a teacher taking care of children and teaching them at their home, in his mind, he could not imagine a mom would WANT and DESIRE to take care of her own children and be BLESSED by it! My reply, "4 right now." Rick said I should have told him that I had never heard that one before.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Needing to update, I really had not posted much since school started. If I was unable to do my planning after school or on the weekend, then I had been sitting up really late at night doing it. I can no longer do that with my pregnancy. It has been a precious blessing with the news of our new baby, we get to see the baby again next week. How exciting! Sophie expected to see a real baby on tv and was sad when she only saw a black&white screen a few weeks ago. Actually, dates and my hcg levels are predicting farther along than the sonogram we had so my dr. scheduled a new one that will happen next week. I was a bit concerned, but I am definitely having much nausea and fatigue. I don't remember ever feeling this tired or even nauseaus with the others, but I didn't have 4 other children to take care of either ;-) This is just a joyous time as we celebrate the life God has placed in my womb. The girls want the baby now, but I have explained that the baby needs to grow first. They are going to be great big sisters, I see it and they have all had this attraction to other children and it blesses me to see them so kind and loving to others no matter the age. Madison is hoping to spend some time alone with baby and me at the hospital this time, I think that will be neat and fun for us all. These girls are my pals.

School is going good. I had hoped to be more organized but am really pushing myself to get up in early in the mornings to continue the early school schedule, but that is harder with my morning sickness. I read that it is supposed to get better by the 2nd trimester. Like I said, I don't remember feeling this extreme with the others.

Soccer has started. We have 3 soccer players and it is about to drive me bonkers getting them there for practices and games. We are at the field at least 3 evenings a week and one evening last week from 5:20 till about 7:30 p.m. Then we have to get home and do homework if any and get baths and ready for the next school day. It is about to get the best of me. This is when we evaluate if we need to slow some things down here and decide if we will continue this path next year.

Madison is continuing guitar lessons, but still not playing an entire song. I long for the day when she plays and the other girls sing along with her. They do that already minus the music.

Hope you have a good week friends.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Baby News!

The Childress Family will have a little more excitement in our house with a due date of May 15, 2009-Big Sister Claire's birthday :-)
How sweet this is.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My firstborn Daughter

Celebrating my Buddy

Glorious Day

This morning we were shortly greeted with one of the sweetest phone calls I have ever received. Lastnight, my father, accepted the Lord as His Savior and immediately requested to be baptized today! It was precious to be at the country river where he was baptized. The girls and I were able to witness it along with Rick capturing it on video. It was a perfect fall day, the sun shone brightly and was rather hot. The river was lightly edged with pebbles and trees surrounded the river. It was a pefect place to be refreshed in the Lord. It was a sweet dream-come-true to me and to be home to witness it was a true gift from God. Thank You Lord for the gift and a prayer to be answered. For awhile now, Sophie has been requesting prayer for Pappy at bedtime and now we know why! I wonder if she will still say his name when we ask for prayer requests.

Join me in Rejoicing of this blessing and pray for my father as he begins his journey. I know the enemy will be trying to attack him in ways and I rebuke those attacks and speak pure peace and joy over his life.

I captured some sweet pictures I will surely post at a later time.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Happy Birthday to my little 8 year old Madison. I can't believe I am typing that I have an 8 year old daughter, where did my baby go? Your life is so precious to me! I love you dearly.

Thanks to all who participated in her cookbook, it has been so sweet to see her looking through it and she appreciates it. I do, too :-)


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Loss for Time

It seems with the business of life I am at a loss for time to update as often as I'd like. School is going wonderfully and the blessing of my start to the day from Rick is surely a wonderful explanation why. He has come up with a plan to have the girls ready for the day, and beds made by 7:30 school mornings. Wow, what a great impact that has made on our day. All we have to do before school now is to work on training& morning chores, have breakfast, and head up to the school room. It has been the most blessing to have them with me. Sophie can now count to 5 and sing half of her ABC's at the age of 2. My other children did not do this at such a young age, it has definitely been the fruit of her being in the classroom. We are finishing up a dinosaur Science study which has been most interesting and quite a learning experience for myself with a biblical view! Wow, they will not get that in the public school. There are so many rewards I have already seen in the girl's schooling with only a few weeks behind us.
We are awaiting a fun fall time and just simply enjoying life. It is not more work now to take care of them, it is more joy and able to have a few moments to look into their eyes and just have fun. I cannot express how deeply I love these children and enjoy even the difficult days. Nothing or no one is perfect and we do have hard times but the days of blessing far outnumber! Thanks for being patient as I update!