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Monday, November 24, 2008

A personal note for our family moments...

Today we are:

excited about Thanksgiving
fighting colds and/or virus
keeping warm
very eager to hold our new baby(the girls are practicing with Baby Alive)
planning a Black Friday shopping event for RICK&SHANDEE only
trying to catch up on laundry
thankful for the blessing of a gift certificate
entering an Art Contest in the Kingsport-Times News
wondering if it will snow tonight
trying to get a Family Lego Challenge organized
very anxious to have our families over for Christmas Eve
Hannah & Mommy are really waiting it out for the Christmas Eve punch&sausage balls
thinking up around the house projects for Daddy :-) ex. kitchen light cleaning
so happy when Daddy finally walks in the door of the evening
loving the last months Sophie will be the "baby" of the family
still getting up early for school even though Mommy does not feel like it
waiting to watch Christmas favorites like Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman

The Israelites

The Israelites vs. my Daughters....

For the past two months, we have been studying the life of Moses in school. It began when we started our study of Ancient Egypt and then how sweet the life of baby Moses twined into our History study! I have learned so much, the girls have learned so much. Wow, I never knew that Moses actually whined to the Lord, saying, please, please pick someone else to do it!

The more I study this story the more it reminds me of my own children! Moses whined, the Israelites whined and were always questioning. Why? They would ask. That is the mindset of my children. Isn't it enough that God is God and we are to obey from our hearts, because that is His word?! It so reminds me of our children when I ask them not to do something, but they are always questioning just like the Israelites! It is remarkable as I see the comparisons.

Today, we finished our study on Moses as the Lord spoke to him on the mountain and gave him the 10 Commandments. The Lord told the Israelites they were not to come up the mountain or they would surely die! You see, God gave them a rule and if they disobeyed, there was a punishment. Discipline, discipline is necessary. I tell my girls all the time, when we do not obey God's plan, bad things happen.

I was not disciplined in the ways of the Lord and I"m learning how to do this with my children. Oh, how easier it would be for my family if I had known and experienced, but I am kind of fumbling around in the dark looking for a light. I pray that the Lord will give us knowledge on loving discipline and instruction for our family. I do not want them to be questioning all the time like the Israelites.

If you have some great notes and encouragement on discipline, this would be a great time to post! The true question: how do the children get to the point they obey from the heart?

Our baby

Look at our baby! Isn't it growing on the widget! How precious. I am so looking forward to seeing sweet little feet and a tiny new Childress look-a-like face :-) I have started dreading the wakings for feedings, but I am already being awakened by myself due to pregnancy or one or more of the children, so really, there may be no adjusting :-)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is so cold, I really freeze and am not liking the weather these days. It is very weird, I feel like I blinked my eyes, and summer was gone. It went way too fast! We awoke to snow this morning and public schools were cancelled today. It was the first official snow day, not for us, though. We continued our studies and went to guitar lessons for Ma. I am really trying to move us along so we can move ahead of the public school schedule. They are planned to get out in May, but we will have a new baby possibly the end of April or very beginning of May! Therefore, we need to have school finished by the end of April! That means we have to move along. It is so hard to get up in the mornings when I am sick. Yes, I am still battling morning sickness. It has subsided throughout the evening and daytime, only mornings now. That is helpful, still hard to get up going full motion with a 2, 4, 5, and 8 year old. Madison doesn't need my help, just a little nudging along. Claire is becoming a wonderful helper these days, too. She takes care of Sophie so sweetly and lovingly. I am so proud of the young lady she is blooming into.

Our baby is growing and my belly is slightly, not as much as I thought at this point, but it's just enough to get a little aggravating. I can't rest good or get comfortable because of my growing belly and right now I just feel blah with it because I don't look fully pregnant, I just look like I'm chubby and my clothes fit akwardly. I can't believe we will have the big sonogram in a few weeks! Will we be seeing pink again or blue? Either way, we are having a new baby and our family can't wait.

I'm dreaming of sweet, spring days and summer afternoons of rocking my baby on the front porch while big sisters help and play. No school, just sweet baby hands and the unforgettable smell of my newborn baby.

Isn't it overwhelming if we just sit for a moment and think of how blessed we are. We are so blessed and God is so merciful. I praise Him!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Week

Whew, what a week it has been for myself and baby. Baby is doing great, but I have had a sick few months and got really sick Sunday night. It is very weird, I have never been this sick, tired, or nauseas with my other pregnancies. I know each one is different, yet is ceases to amaze me. In the last five days, I have made two trips to Kingsport and had two sonograms.

What happened was I just got sick Sunday night and was having the usual GI problems. I have figured out it was the tacos I ate for dinner that night. Spicy foods will now be an avoidance. Mon. the dr. asked if I would just stay in the hospital and I told her I would prefer not to because I was not prepared to leave my family. Pappy was here at home with the girls and Rick was at work. I couldn't consider an overnight hospital visit that could linger into a day or two. When I left my girls, I gave them a sweet kiss and told them I'd be back in a little while. As long as I was able, I felt I needed to return home to them. The fact that I even did not take them with me and asked for help was big for me because I do not want to ask for help! It was a blessing that he came, though. The girls had a fun time and the schoolgirls were able to do workbooks and busywork as if a substitute came to the class that day, and that is basically what happened.

I left my dr's office Mon. with some phenagryn for the nausea and was told to return in a few days. If not better, I would be admitted. Praise God, that did not happen. Truthfully, in hindsight, I should have stayed. It would have helped me feel much better and been better able to take care of my family when I did return home. I was no help to Rick, only another person he had to take care of. I slept for mostly the next two nights when he came home. I was afraid to fall asleep with the kids when he went to work so I would wait till he came home to take my medicine. I nearly missed the election night because I fell asleep almost as soon as he came home. Rest and liquids was what I needed. Today, I am much, much stronger and easing back into routine.

This pregnancy has been much harder than I imagined. I am blessed to have other families that love us and have prayed for us, fed us, and a mother who has called often just to make sure I was alright and a sweet Daddy(Pappy) that lives close enough to us now that is willing to babysit at any moment. Pappy is a trooper. I want a heart like his! That man is so self-less that I have never seen him not helping someone else out, even while fighting cancer.

Baby is doing wonderful. The first sonogram showed a hyper little cutie wiggling and moving constantly. We are so in trouble when this baby is born, he/she will literally be climbing the walls! I thought Sophie and Claire were my hyper ones, but I have never seen a baby hyped up like this one. For the 2nd sonogram on Thurs. I asked the tech. to do a close-up of my sweethearts little face and I just can't believe at 12-13 weeks even the details and profile I was able to see. What a miracle! I'll be posting pictures very soon when I can scan them in.

Blessings to all,