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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Revival at ESGUMC

Our church has been having revival service all week and we attempted to make it as a family Sunday night, but it was very difficult keeping the children still and occupied when it was near bedtime.  It started at 7 and the message was just getting started around 8:30.  Rick&I wanted to stay and enjoy church, but it was really impossible for us to concentrate. It has been so long since we've sat in church together and listened to a service...afterall, we have a 2,4,5 and 8 year old so we are usually with one of them or teaching the preschoolers on Sunday.

So, tonight, Rick suggested I go alone to service and it was so refreshing. The worship was really moving, and I felt a gentleness in my spirit that brought me back to a sensitive, patient, calm mother upon my return home. It was again getting close to 8:30 and I promised little ones I would be home to snuggle so I did not get to stay for the entire service, but it was still very refreshing to spend that time with God. 

Does any other mother struggle with guilt?  Until a few years ago, I would not leave my children, for nearly anything except to go in the hospital to give birth to my babies.  I would feel guilt for everything. I felt guilt if I was not playing with them and letting housework go undone, I would feel guilt if I was doing chores and not playing with kids. I would feel guilt to go to the grocery store, to go alone for a haircut, and tonight I felt guilt for leaving them to go to church!  Where is that coming from?  I am with them almost every minute every day...it is rare when they are not with me, so why do I feel that way?  There is no reason for it, but as I was leaving, as I do nearly every time I leave, I look at the house from the road and feel guilt. 

 It was nice to be a person and not worry about getting kids into car seats and rushing them in from the cold, but I did miss them. Missed their presence with me and was eager to get back to being a Mommy.  That's where my heart is!I was rewarded upon my return with lots of love.  Madison started out by giving me a baby basket she has been collecting items for a basket with goodies for myself and baby.  She said she just couldn't wait till May to give it to me.  It is beautiful, and when you read this Ma, thank you for being so thoughtful and what a neat surprise!  After Madison's gift, little girls lined up to present their gifts(being whatever they could find.)   Claire was next with a bracelet and toy necklace, then Hannah with a poinsetta flower left from Christmas.  Meanwhile, Sophie was finishing up her breathing treatment and as soon as she jumped out of my arms she went and gathered her "gift" and it was a gift of a Spider-Man wind-up truck that Pappy let her bring home from his house. The ones 5 and under kept searching for gifts to give me until we finally told them we had to go to bed, it was past bedtime.

I am a blessed woman :-)  When was the last time I've been sitting with 3 little girls lined up to give their momma a gift straight from their heart?!  It was precious seeing them with such joy as little hands held toys behind their backs in anticipation to give joyfully a  surprise to their Momma while the Big Sister laughed and enjoyed it with me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Numbers! Our thought for the day...

The girls and I were talking during lunch break and we figured this out...math lesson during lunch ;-)

I have been expecting a baby every year for the last 10 years with only the exception of 2001 and 2007!  Only 2 years out of 10, that I have not been pregnant... Wow, God did give women the ability to be fruitful and multiply!  And just to think, I once never knew if I could experience this!  Amazing...

2001-NOT pregnant
2007-Not pregnant

Saturday, January 17, 2009

100 Views!!! Congratulations to my Blog!


Brrr. it has been so cold!  Below freezing temps. at night. My mother said she did not remember it being this cold since she was a little girl.  The local schools have been cancelled since this past Wed.  Not us, though, we're trudging on through... Why, you may ask.  Do we have plans to get out of school early?  Why, yes we do!  We're having a BABY!  A real BABY!  We have diapers to change, kisses to give, and a brand-new LIFE to love at our house.  Coming in April or May, so we gotta get ready! 

She is already consuming our days...

"Mommy have you felt her today?"-Madison
  "Mommy, can I be the first to change her diaper?"  "Mommy, who gets to hold her first?"-Hannah
"I"ll teach her to do flips."-Claire
Kiss, kiss on the belly and "Baby here yet?"-Sophie

We have been referred to a sonographer that takes closer views with cooler, more techno machines.  So, we'll get to see this sweetie Thursday.  They'll be taking a look at a lady that will have  had more than 4 csections and an active little girl.  I so wished we could say her name, but it's secret in our house, as usual...  She's precious!

Goodnight from the baby dreamin house of the Childress Family

p.s. did you know we support LIFE?!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm in a Rut

Oh dear, I am in a rut at home. That doesn't sound very good, does it?  I don't know what else to call it. My children are whining, disobeying, and having bad attitudes... They have been sick since Thanksgiving, some will get better, and others will get sick again. I'm not sure if they were ever actually better... No idea, I just know that my 3 youngest don't feel well and have not for a long time. We have been to the asthma specialist to help get things under control, but we are still doing breathing treatments. I'm not getting enough rest and when I do feel like I can sleep and am sleeping, someone is waking me up either sick, having a nightmare, or crawling into my bed.  This is not normal for us...except the crawling into my bed part.  I was up at least 4 times last night. I am not getting enough rest and I have been fighting a sore throat for at least 2 weeks now. I am so thankful my body is fighting it and not actually getting down. When I get down, this house is in so much trouble. I do wonder what in the world is wrong with our children?  We got out today for guitar lesson and I treated them to lunch. They really enjoyed it and it was a fun time, I even put on my Burger King Crown after Sophie passed me one, and said, "Mommy one."  I thought that would help to get out and it did seem to, but tonight they are still acting this way. I just keep asking myself, "What is wrong?!"  It makes me wonder if they possibly have the flu, they have not been having high fevers like we had before with the flu 2 years ago. I just don't know.  Pray for wisdom for Rick and myself.  By far, they are well behaved children, but they are children and we do have trying times and right now, we are having trying times. We had to start school back and I have the pressure of finishing by April 30th  because I know once baby is here, then it is going to be impossible to get anything done for the next while.

My belly is growing and it's getting harder to do things that I need to do. Today, Claire had no clean pants to wear so we designated tonight as family laundry night and got clothes washed and put away, that makes me feel better.

It is such a sweet delight to have life in my womb again and to feel such sweet movements. I praise God for this blessing of life again.  We all love her so much. I keep dreaming of the spring days when the girls are all feeling well, no more breathing treatments for asthma, and we are just adoring our new little blessing that we prayed for.