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Saturday, February 21, 2009

MIssing Quote from Wed.

I was hoping to find the quote from Chip Ingram's program, but after looking his schedule up, his message that day was supposed to be about marriage...Ironically, the message that was scheduled to be on, was not-which allowed God to speak to me through the message that was aired instead.  Unfortunately, I can't find it to locate a quote, but he said something like this:  Mothers who stay at home, those of you who donate your life, your time, to being a help-meet to your husband and teaching your children, God sees what you do. There is nothing better out there, you are filling His calling and when you get to heaven, he will say, "Servant, well done."  You are making a difference and even though you feel no one else sees you, God sees you and it is important work for you are training for His kingdom.

WOW!  Thank you God, it had to be a word from Him.  I really needed to know that.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Yesterday morning, I woke after 5 a.m. to prepare for a very unwanted trip to Kingsport for a 3hour glucose tolerance test. I was so bummed last week when I got the call that my glucose level was elevated from the 1 hour test. My first pregnancy was one point elevated over the allowed "average" level and the following 3 pregnancies have glided by with no elevations.  What is going on with pregnancy number 5?  I am rejecting a lot of negative thoughts, words spoken to me, and also resisting attacks of the Enemy to put fear and helplessness into my life.  This pregnancy has been very high and low.  After the sweet birth of our littlest sister, I will love to share her testimony and my journey through this pregnancy.  For today, I await the results and am believing for positive results.

While getting dressed and prepared for the one hour drive, my family slept so peacefully. Sophie slept in her bed alnight without waking and I went to check that she was breathing and all was well in the little Childress girls' rooms.  They were resting like little angels.  I was nervous about them waking with me not here.  I knew their Grandma Bar was coming and they would be excited, but there was no peace for me leaving my home.  I felt nauseous, but knew I must force myself to get things together and get out the door.  So, I headed out for the drive, with all of my teacher's manuals to prepare for the remainder of school.  That was a very nice way to spend my time and I was able to quietly look at my manuals for Kindergarten and Third Grade.

My heart felt so heavy.  My home and children are my identity and ME.  I don't know how to feel without my buddies. It was not a pleasant time but I knew they could not get up so early and go and wait the test out with me.  The Lord reassured me very much that my heart and calling is absolutely here at home.  What peace I have knowing that... I just can't imagine getting up leaving them every weekday to go to a job. I'll be very honest, I was not nearly as tired lastnight (even after driving a total of 2 hours+ and having blood taken from my arms 4 times)  compared to a day here at the home front, but if you know me, you know that I don't take the easy way out.  

After my test, I drove to Chik-Fil-A drivethru and ate my lunch in the van.  While eating, I was listening to 106.9 The Light FM and the Lord spoke to me through Chip Ingram's message and reassured me that God does see my work and training here at home with my four(five if you count the womb) daughters...this is what he said, " 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

High Five for my Big Girls!

I want to say thank you to my big girls for taking care of breakfast Tuesday morning and being so helpful during the day.  I am so proud of you two!  Madison&Claire took care of cereal and breakfast for themselves and sisters while I rested. I was very sick and praying against the stomach virus. Thanks to their helpful efforts, I am well and up & running. Thank you girls for blessing me and helping me get better!   That was very rewarding to see.
Love you all!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Babies R Us Regsitry

After finding out we can receive a free goody bag with baby stuff plus a 10% discount on items from our registry, we decided to venture out for the first baby registry. I can't believe it after 5 pregancies, but this is the first store registry we have actually completed in a store!

Big Sisters Registering

We had so much fun letting the girls scan items they wanted for their sister.  After looking on our registry, we have found that two sisters scanned the same crib bed two times at a $399.00 price tag each scan...we don't even need a crib bed ;-)   They are funny.  Needless to say, we will be deleting some things.  We have random items like an Elmo pinata, 5 packs of sippy cups, plus a teapot that no one knows about!

Time to play after registry

Typical Sophie...I knew she would head straight for this motorcycle!

My 3 year old's day!

We just celebrated our baby's birthday, no longer a baby, though she still feels like it...

We made her tiny cake and she wanted her big one to share from Food City.

Freebie Links...sign your kids up for Birthday Deals!