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This blog was originally created to post updates on our newborn daughter, which was 4 years ago. God has started using this blog as a ministry and outreach plus a way to record the journey that God is allowing our family to live.
To Our Lord, may He get the Glory and Honor!

Blessings from Shandee

Update: We have been led to further sharing our online journey with posts from the entire family. What started out as a simple blogging journey from a Mother & Wife's perspective has blossomed into a family journey. We now welcome you to The Childress Family Blog.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I came home from Labor&Delivery lastnight. Contractions were stopped after 3 bags of IV fluid.  I"m having to take it easy as possible. I have a dr. appt. tomorrow and not sure what that will be like, I may need to be monitored again. It's weird because after 5 pregnancies, you'd think I'd know what to expect, but this has been so different!  I am really hoping to be able to make it to our baby shower Friday and be able to enjoy it!  I thank God for such love that His people have shown to us, it amazes me how families respond and want to bless even in times of their own illnesses and new babies.  For now, our sweetie is staying in the womb, I so can't wait to hold her!!!  Rick & I think this one may actually have hair, no reason, we just think that...could be wrong...we'll see :-)  The Big sisters are very, very excited!!!  Thanks to Rick, her bed is now ready and waiting on her.  

Photos:  Rick leading us out of the Birthplace and me after feeling better and asking to come home to my girls so I could tuck them in bed and give kisses!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Madison's precious prayer today during the blessing of our meal:
"Thank you Lord for letting Jesus rise. Hallelujah!"

Last Days of School

I am pleased and honored to announce that we are in our last week of school. We have worked so hard after Christmas so we can finish and complete year-end testing before our baby arrives. Whew, it has been like we are running a marathon, no kidding...

Madison and Claire have worked so hard along with myself. Snow days, holidays, little or no Holiday Breaks, even when children have been sick, nights, weekends, and anything in between to complete our work. Especially little Madison, she has had homework every night for at least the last month, if not more. I keep promising her that when she is sitting on the porch with her new baby and sees a school bus pass by, she will be so glad we pressed on. God Bless you Madison for such hard work! We pray your testing is easy and simple.

Bless Rick too. He has spent many late nights helping with homework after working all day only getting up the following morning to return to lots of driving and another late night. May you be blessed when you come home after our daughter is born only to see sweet little girls playing in the yard and the fresh scent of your baby girl being snuggled next to her Momma on the front porch. You'll be greeted by smiles and no more late evening work!

To my family: We've done it!!!!! YEAH, I am so proud of us.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Just to update on us...the girls are being treated for "walking pneumonia" and I am no longer in the midst of fighting it but have caught it as well and have resorted to using a zpack.
Our family has been sick since March 26th...
Just uplift us with some get better prayers, I really want to be able to enjoy these last weeks of my baby in the womb.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

MacBook shipping out

Just wanted to update that our good ole MacBook is shipping out and my main source of computer time will be gone for a while...which equals less computer time for me. I guess it's meant to be that way, only a few more weeks till I get to see my 5th daughter!  AND hold her and smell her sweet newborn skin!  Yippeee!!!!!!!!  The moment we've all be waiting for.