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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DeCluttering and Organizing!

Dear Friends,

For some time, I have been searching on how to declutter and organize my home. It seems everywhere I look there are piles everywhere. I have learned that simplifying to less is better! It seems my days are crazy with little time. We are in such a busy season of life these days with school, a baby that wants her mama all the time and rarely sleeps, soccer, dr. appts and lots of things in between. I haven't visited my parents in so long that I can't remember the last time I was at their house. I can't believe that is true, but it is.

Our AC adapter to our Macbook was totally ruined today, it had been tearing for a long time and finally broke so my pc time is now even less. I don't even know how I"ll get to post any pictures, I can't turn my laptop on that stored them so I can' t get to them :(

The girls are growing, growing, growing! So tall, such long legs like their daddy. We worked on Fall clothes today and I couldn't believe my little Sophie can actually wear some size 4's.

We're gearing up for another birthday, seems like we are celebrating birthdays every month now! This time, a pink princess party for Hannah. Madison just celebrated with a rainbow theme she designed herself. She's finishing up thank-you notes that we hope to get mailed out this week.

Have a good night and Blessings to you all,