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This blog was originally created to post updates on our newborn daughter, which was 4 years ago. God has started using this blog as a ministry and outreach plus a way to record the journey that God is allowing our family to live.
To Our Lord, may He get the Glory and Honor!

Blessings from Shandee

Update: We have been led to further sharing our online journey with posts from the entire family. What started out as a simple blogging journey from a Mother & Wife's perspective has blossomed into a family journey. We now welcome you to The Childress Family Blog.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Women's Retreat

I was away this past Saturday, a friend actually posted on her blog. See if you can find me :-)

Blessings, Shandee


Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Day

Dear Lady waiting in line behind me at Target,

Did you know that today your impatience showed selfishness as an example to my 5 young, impressionable daughters? As we were in line, you were showing body motions of agitation as the clerk scanned our many items and you watched every item and each child. My children were precious examples of a servant's heart as each one that was able placed my items neatly for the cashier to scan and placed bags neatly in my cart as I gave coupons, without even being asked, I mention. My sweet 4 year old was sitting very still in the shopping cart while her big sisters were being helpers and their youngest baby was sleeping against their mother snuggled in her swing. Then, you frowned when the cashier had to take 4 separate gift cards plus me using another form of payment to finish paying for the balance. My girls were sweet, patient, courteous, and helpful. Yet, you were impatient, selfish, and rude to our family. After we were finished and my oldest daughter had a separate purchase of one item, I felt like you wanted to push our cart along with us -right out of the aisle. My sweet 9 year old put her item on the register, counted her money and when she paid her cents and counted her 14 cents in pennies, I saw the look of discontentment on your face. You see, my husband reminded me, today was a memory for my children of being at Target shopping with their Mom and Sisters. It was a rare day for us to be out of the house. To you, it was just a stop that you may quickly forget about your day. Did you know that I noticed that you had a young infant blessing in his car seat sleeping with you? My dear, as we left the parking lot, I thanked God for that little man because He will teach you so much and one day you may find yourself in line while he counts his pennies that he so earnestly worked to earn and shame if an impatient adult is in line displaying annoyance at him. I pray he will teach you many things, I am certain he will. Bless you dear young mother, pennies and shopping trips will change your life! It sure has mine!

Also, we were noticed on the way to our van...

Dear Mother of One Teenage Daughter,

How kind of you to notice that I am blessed with 5 beautiful princesses straight from the King Himself that sits at the Throne! I am disappointed of your comment and gesture as we lovingly strolled in our long line and shopping cart in the beaming sunshine. It was truly a gorgeous spring day. Your comment and gesture was like a storm cloud on our sunshine. You snapped, "You sure do have your hands full" as you rolled your eyes sarcastically. I am saddened that you would think negatively of my choice to give life, to give this world some LIGHT in the darkness, my choice to let the Lord have his plan for my womb, for children I had to trust and ask Him for. My hands sure were full, my sweet infant was cradled peacefully against me sleeping and my hands were encircled with love and a bond that will affect generations to come! How exciting to know that my work will change generations! From me, there are 5 Godly women who will teach and love the word to their family and stories of my work in their life will be precious memories. I felt sad for you, dear lady, as I saw your teenage daughter was walking distantly away from you, with a troubled spirit. I felt sorry for you that your "hands were not full."

Sadly, this is one day of our life. All this happened within 30 minutes. This is a very common experience when we go out. How could anyone look at a child and think they are a curse or trouble??!! Dear Lord, please, please change the hearts of our culture...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hard Month

It has been a difficult, painful month. Our family has been brokenhearted over the loss of our little friend and hero to so many, Westin Dietz who went to be with Jesus two weeks ago today. Our children are sad and heartbroken. Today in class, Sophie's prayer request was that Westin would make his Mommy proud and happy and do all his jobs. I nearly cried. We were believing for a miracle Dietz family, but this was just the way the Lord gave us a miracle. In honor of little Westin, we miss you so much.