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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Yard Sale

A few weeks ago, we had a much needed yard sale at our home. As we prepared (last fall) by going through clothes and overstocked toys, I never imagined how this yard sale would become so much more than a sale. I was going into this believing how great it would be to get rid of things and feel relieved by the overabundance of stuff we have accumulated through the years and earn some cash for Easter shopping.

Unfortunately, my gift is not writing-it's talking so my words here could never explain the greatness from this yard sale, but here goes my words...

Never did I imagine that God would use this yard sale as a MINISTRY! I believe our family was more blessed than...than I don't know what...

People could not believe how we had 5 children there helping us, serving them, working as one in UNITY, in JOY and it was fun!!!

People would walk up and just share their hearts with us, share their family's story, sharing as they shopped.
Hoping. Hoping for something better as they shared their stories. Each person that shared troubles, I never failed to mention the love of Jesus, sometimes sharing boldly and sometimes sharing discreetly sneaking in little fragments of words to get the point across that we have a hope and that hope is God.

Stories of grandparents taking care of grandchildren, some family never getting to see grandbabies, families searching for joy and contentment, some wondering how to train children, some just looking at us and not saying a word.

I was so humbled to think that God used our family in our own yard to Minister to others. I never dreamt...

All from a Yard Sale.

God is willing to use us in ways we could never imagine.

I am humbled in what He is doing with our family!