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Thursday, July 29, 2010

How Old Am I?

This week, I was blessed with the opportunity to yet once again be shown God's vision through the eyes of my children.

Setting: Bedroom

Details: ceiling fan tossling in the air, while cute red-headed daughters stir in their beds trying to get settled for the night

Before prayer requests, our ever-inquisitive "analyzer" Claire chimes in:

"Mommy, am I eight or nine?"

I reply in a matter of fact tone, "Claire you are seven because on your birthday you turned seven."

Claire was silent.


Madison replied, "No, Mommy she is older than that because she had a heartbeat before she was born."

Ahhhh...a sweet reminder from God, Yes, there was life before I met her adorable little face and held her sweet flesh molded by the Creator's hands in my womb!!!!! She was old enough to say it, able to speak up and I thought of innocent blood that has been lost by so many innocent babies not being able to speak saying, "I have a heartbeat, I am alive!" Tears came to my eyes.

"That's right! Claire you are eight!"

She already knew, that was why she was silent, she was negotiating all this in her little mind yet Madison was the one that was bold enough to speak up.

God, you are so good and I feel so unworthy that you use me to be the mother of these children. Thank you, dear Lord for LIFE that you have filled our home with.

Thank you girls, for once again, teaching me another lesson I never would have realized without you.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Memorial Day

Last Day of School Picnic at FlagRock in Norton, VA.

Woohoo, Girls! Goodbye 1st and 4th Grade, Welcome to 2nd, 5th, Kindergarten!

Congratulations to The Truchan Family

Just sending a warm welcome to the Truchan's in PA.


Happy Settling in to your new HOME!!!!!

Thanks for being faithful to follow my blog.


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For the Lady I met today at the Yard Sale...

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