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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can You Find Sophie?

LOVE these sweet pictures.

Planting Seeds

Homeschooling with the Garden

Claire was learning to write sentences this day with correct punctuation and capitalization.

We're going to the garden again.

Madison's Garden

Madison bought several items from her personal money. She is looking at her first and only cantaloupe.

Organic garden is hard work and sometimes not as great as a result as you may be wishing for.


The girls enjoyed harvesting the ripening vegetables. It was exciting for them to see each green plant grow and then a bloom to burst out and to see a vegetable to spring forth from the budding flower. Our garden was alive!

Monday, August 30, 2010

The End of Garden Days

It flooded a few weeks ago and after the corn was damaged, our garden seems to slowly be fading...

Friday, August 27, 2010


Recently, I had vascular surgery that requires the use of compression stockings. In order to purchase these, they must be purchased through a home medical supply store and our insurance did not cover the cost of these. My husband so sweetly called in and made the $52 payment for my hose before my surgery.

Today is my fourth day wearing my compression stockings that fit properly. I do not recall any form of snagging them against anything. I do know there is a hole in the right knee part causing a snag and tearing. $52 hose ruined after 4 days of wearing! Does that make sense?

Knowing that I was required to wear these hose and the only way to purchase them nearby is special order which means time and Shandee without hose. I called the Medical Store and they told me to call the manufacturer, Therafirm.

Upon calling, the representative was impersonable, but yet courteous. After explaining my situation to her, she kindly offered to mail me a complimentary pair of stockings in my size! That was very kind of her and I just want to tell you about the positive experience I had with them. I am in no way receiving credit or payment from them, just me sharing a good experience.
Therafirm seems to really stand by the product they offer.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hannah's tooth story

I forgot to tell how Hannah's last tooth got pulled out so here goes:

Her tooth has been very loose for some time and she would not let her father or me touch it. A few days ago, two of the children came running to me, "Hannah pulled her tooth." I heard some sobbing so I went to find her. She was crying and laughing at the same time. Hannah did not pull her tooth, Claire did. Claire and the others had decided to tie a string to a robe sash(from Madison's night robe) and put the sash in Hannah's mouth. They were pretending that Hannah was a doggie and they were pulling her. Claire to be exact. Claire pulled her so hard that she pulled out the loose tooth! She wasn't hurt, just a missing tooth. After it was all said and done, she was happy to finally have the tooth out but I told them to not do that again. I am telling you, we have so many toys that we have had to yard sale, give away, move to grandparent's house, store some and still give away. We have so many toys you can't even tell we have gotten rid of any so why do they use a sash from their sister's night robe?
Because they are kids :-)


"Mommy, will you take our picture?" Hannah asked in her sweet voice.
She just lost her last top tooth this night.

Homeschool News!

I am so excited to announce the news of homeschoolcalendar.com!!

Rick has been working dillegently for so long now and our product is getting ready to launch!
God has given him a great vision and I am overjoyed to be on this journey!