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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Faith of a Child

I must record what God is showing me in this journey...
I am hearing, seeing, and living the children leading us! It is powerful and moving in my spirit! The adults are moving and following God to help us, but I see a mighty boldness in the children that I have never seen before-it is amazing!

Upon our arrival to Children's Hospital, a very precious and brave little Emma had already put a call in to the nurses station to have them all ready for our family. When we arrived, the nurse told us Emma had already taken care of everything and told us the room number to go for Hannah. Thank you sweet Emma. You are so brave and precious. You are the greatest big sister to Westin and by the way, did you know that YOU rock? :-) Thanks for cheering up Sophie tonight when I had to run out for some things for the house.

Guess who made a goodnight call two nights in a row to Hannah? Her buddy, Rachel. Rachel, thank you for your call. You made Hannah feel so special. Her Daddy told me tonight that she made you a thank-you card for calling her. You are a precious friend to Hannah. Thanks for listening to all the details of her hospital stay, I know Hannah can talk a lot, I wonder where she gets that from :-)
Lastnight, Madison was up and down alnight praying for her sister Hannah and the ketones. This morning after Madison's prayers was the first time they started to decrease and by now within 24 hours, Hannah had her first negative ketone result! Today, Lily asked to pray for Hannah and because of her, our living room was filled with people and little prayer warriors lifting up Hannah's healing. Thank you Lily, for being in the spirit of leading prayer.
This afternoon, Hannah sat in her hospital bed with the most sincere and determined look and said she wanted to do something Sunday when she went to church. I replied, "Hannah, I'm not sure if we will feel like going to church, I don't know how we will do that." She glanced up with me with a matter-of-fact tone and said, "I want to go to church to see my friends." So, Lord willing, we will go to church Sunday as long as you have checked out of that hospital. I was reminded of Westin at that point. You see, there is something special about going to church... even in the midst of sickness, needle pokes, and IV's, these young children are reqeusting to go to church. Hannah and Westin, you teach us that if you are sick and still ready to go to church, then there is no reason we cannot go.

I clearly have seen why the Bible says that "A Child Shall Lead Them." How powerful!

Today, our family has been so blessed with prayers, food, calls, and already bunches of cards. Thank you all so much! Thank you all for feeding our family, it is a great blessing. My mother and father were so blessed by all your visits, thank you.


Praises! Rick just updated me that Hannah tested NEGATIVE for ketones for the first time all week! If she gets two more Negative results, we can unhook the IV which she says is making her arm sore.

ketones be gone

Also, we need to pray for ketones to be gone from her body and infection to clear NOW in the name of Jesus.

New Request

We have a pressing request. The last two blood sugar levels for Hannah has been over 200, which is the worst she has had in the hospital. I just spoke with Rick and the dr or someone may come in tonight. The last reading was taken a few moments ago. Unfortunately, after the first one, her insulin dose was upped to two more times per day totalling 3 times per day. We are not happy about this. It looks like Hannah will not be coming home tomorrow. We were originally told she would be there 4-5 days and we were believing for no more than 2; needless to say, we are disapointed. Please pray for better blood sugars now. We need to get this stablized.

notes for Hannah

If your family feels led, it would bless Hannah to send her an email or card in the mail. If you have little artists, she would especially love pictures of turtles. She just said she would love for Rachel to send her a card. She also would like pictures of orange flowers and hearts. If we had a way to put pictures on this rental, we would! She is doing really good right now, up moving and prowling and she gets Mommy & Daddy all to herself!


Hi Everyone.

Just sending an update on Hannah. If you have not received the church email, Hannah was moved to Johnson City Children's Hospital Monday after a dr's visit. As of late lastnight, tests have confirmed she is or has been in the onset of juvenille diabetes. We were praying for a miracle of healing and the first test to be wrong. The 2nd test was consistent with the first showing she had been having high blood sugar levels for at least the past 3 months. We are disappointed, but now being strong and educated on how to care for her on a daily basis. Our entire family's lifestyle will change now.

Our whole family has been together until this afternoon. The rest of the girls had really been exhausted and stressed since Monday. As Rick said, "they have been our support." Such precious girls. They have been in most excellent behavior and spirit. They are saddened to see their sister in pain, with IV's and continous needle sticks. Hannah is doing better in spirit and action today. She was just up moving her bed up and down for the first time, which means she feels like prowling and moving around.

Rick and I decided for the girls to go home for normalcy and to be with familiar surroundings. They were exhausted from travelling back and forth from the Ronald McDonald House and to the hospital. The first night was really the worst with the girls not knowing what to expect. They could not eat, they sat at the table crying not knowing what was going to happen with Hannah and our family. Hannah requested and begged for us not to be separated and we have been able to maintin that until today. The hospital is about an hour and half drive for us from home.

I need to record what Claire said this morning before I forget. As we were driving in the cool rain toward the hospital, she seriously said, "Mommy, I wish we could start over," and my heart felt lost. She explained that if we could "start over" then this wouldn't have happened. I told her that it is just as our friend told us, we live in a fallen world and because of sin we have these kinds of problems. I reminded all of my four redheads that no matter what, God is in control when we do face these problems and we trust him no matter what.

Hannah is now being read to and practicing giving insulin to her baby doll. She did a good job. She is so brave and no longer cries when she gets her finger poked for readings. I just can't believe this is happening. It all seems like I am watching from the outside. One of the worst things is being separated. It is very hard for us to be apart. Please pray for our children. Madison, Claire, Sophie, and Naomi have been so brave and excellent behavior. They are so precious. Rick siad they were so happy to be home once he dropped them off. Also, please pray for me as I travel home this evening. It is a long drive home and we are all separated. The Enemy whispers fear into my ear during those times but God is with us and even me when I am alone. That is very hard for me, my days are so busy, loud, and full that I am very rarely alone. Naomi is still very attached to me and nursing so we do need to pray for her. She has never been apart from me this long.

The grandparents(Granny & Pappy) are with them until I return home. Feel free to call them, I am sure they will be taking care of things while I am out and we will probably be away tomorrow as well.

Thank you for prayers.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Madison

Dear Madison,

As I kissed you tonight and looked into your big brown eyes, my heart was sad and torn. The Lord reminded me that you are ours just for a little while.Tomorrow you will be 10, truly a big girl. We used to say you were a big girl when you learned to use the potty and sleep in your bed alnight, but I did not know how fast the time would go and now you are really a Big Girl. Your hands and feet have already outgrown mine. And so, I am sad that you are growing up, but I am also so very proud of such a Godly young woman you are becoming. I know you are like a beautiful rose beginng to form the bud.

I thank God that my prayers were heard and answered and that He filled my womb and our life with you. From before I was expecting you, you were a part of me. I longed to hold you, to see you, to know my baby and the Lord had me to wait. I can truly say that the day I found out I was going to be a Mommy for the first time was the happiest most unbelievable moment of my life. Your Daddy and I wept together praising and thanking God. Little did we know that our world would change forever!

Such a tiny little baby changed our day, our nights, and me. Madison, you have taught me so much! From the moment you were born, you taught me that I was strong, that I was to become a strong woman that I did know I was. I went from a selfish woman, to a serving, ever-giving woman. I changed to a nurturer, a life-giver, and a joyous mother-no longer Barren!

No longer did I eat when I wanted to, have time to sleep even when sick, nor go to use bathroom on my own time, or even get to take a bath. I now know that even getting bathed is a luxury. I learned that YOU were more important than myself. Our days were lonesome; only you, me, and the Lord after your Daddy returned to work. We spent many hours alone during the day since we did not know anyone or have a church family.

Our days were filled with much joy as you grew after you started getting milk! I just remember us in the apartment at Chestnut Ridge with me doing chores, taking lots of pictures, and you playing and singing with worship music in the living room. Little did I know that God had already given you the sweet gift of music and you would later learn to play a guitar that was way bigger than you. When you began to prowl and walk, it was a joy. Every milestone was precious. Winters were hard because you were so sick so often. I learned how to listen for wheezing and how to clue in for ear infections. I learned about Asthma, too. Mostly, I learned to depend on God because He was my strength in times of weakness when I simply did not know what to do or how to care for you.

At the sweet age of 5, you were already a big sister to 4 siblings, then at the age of 7, you were expecting yet another sister. All of which, you prayed for. I remember when we moved home to VA and found out we were expecting Sophie, you confided to me, "Mommy, it's all my fault...before we left, I was sitting on the stairs asking for another baby."
Thank you for your prayers, Madison. God heard you. Our family is so precious.

Madison, thank you for your life. Thank you for teaching me so much.
I"m still learning right along with you.

Thank you for allowing me to be your Mommy. When I tell people that I am blessed, I mean it and you are one of the reasons.

Thanks for being my friend forever. Here we are, just the two of us; Baby Days and Big Girl Days.

Happy Birthday, I love you.

p.s. can you please stop getting so tall?! you're passing me up soon! :-)