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To Our Lord, may He get the Glory and Honor!

Blessings from Shandee

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

CVS: FREE Toy Story 3 DVD After Rebate!!

CVS: FREE Toy Story 3 DVD After Rebate!!

Pair this CVS deal with Charmin and Bounty coupons for Sunday sales paper and you can get a GREAT cheap deal! I am very excited about this deal. I"ll post when you see what I come up with this week.

PLUS, I have a 20%OFF coupon for my total CVS purchase!!!!!! This is awesome.

Blessings, Shandee

UPDATE: The 20% off was not valid for sale or advertised items.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Really 701 visits?!

Okay, I just looked at the views on my blog for the first-time ever. I can't believe my eyes, this past month YOU visited my blog 701 times and I know it was to check on our sweet Hannah. Thank you, faithful prayer warriors and the body of Christ, I feel like our family is loved so much.

We are ready to spend time with Daddy! We've missed him so much. This was the first week we have not been to a dr's office or hospital since September 27th. I can't believe it; it feels great. This was our first full week back in school since then as well. Hannah is loving her workbooks and wants to keep doing page after page that we have not gone over. She is one smart gal.

Hannah's readings are still above the normal range and her dr. keeps on increasing the insulin dosages, which does not make me happy. But, she needs it and I don't know what else to do except pray and listen for God in it all. He is a sweet, loving God, isn't He?!

I was SO enouraged today by Mr.&Mrs. Watson who came to visit us. Ginger, if you are reading, you blessed me so much and I thank you for your wisdom and love. I needed your encouragment this week.

Let's all have a blessed weekend with our families.

Goodnight, Love, shandee

Where's the Pictures?

Okay, I know I promised pedicure pictures, but my mac is out of hard-drive space to store them!

So...my sweet husband now has one more thing to add to his lengthy to-do list. He's already mentioned it and I hope to be sharing some precious pedicure pictures soon!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thinking of our Friends

This is what God so graciously gave me for the Flanigan Family today. Love you, dear Friends in Pittsburgh.

Esther 9:22 as the time when the Jews got relief from their enemies, and as the month when their sorrow was turned into joy and their mourning into a day of celebration.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hannah's Progress

Many are asking, "How's Hannah doing?"

First, we know that God is in total control.
Second, we believe that God can and will heal her from this diabetes if it is His will; so we are seeking Him for this.

Third, Hannah is okay.

Q: How's the Insulin?
A: Time-Consuming, Troubling, Stinging her sometimes, Hard to figure out the right amount

Q: How is she feeling?
A: Like a normal 6 year old would who has to get 4 shots per day and their whole life interrupted, She is still playing and loving life with her 4 bestest friends on Earth ;-) madison,claire,sophie&na-na

Q: How are the sisters?
A: Super-supportive, patient, understanding, and compassionate towards Hannah. They seem to be adjusting.

Q: How are her blood sugars?
A: A little better controlled, still not in the dr's desired range, but working towards there

Q: How should we pray?
A: Please pray that every organ in her body will function perfectly as God's perfect design. We have heard some "possible, maybe, perhaps..." diagnosis on two other "problems." We are not speaking this so we continue to pray against it and believe that God will not allow her body to further be attacked. Pray for all the doctors and nurses in her care.

Q: What can she eat?
A: Anything!!! Portion conrol and carb counts are the key! Woo-hoo, she had Mrs. Becky Vanhook's cake for her birthday!

Q: How are Mom&Dad doing?
A: I don't know! We are just so incredibly busy caring for our children, we've not had much time to talk or discuss it. We briefly chat about it in passing. Daddy is home limited time and the girls are really missing him during his working hours. We are making the best of every moment we have together as a family. We praise Him for the time He so graciously gives us as a family.

Q: What will her treatment be like from this point?
A: Diet with snacks and Insulin are REQUIRED. I usually speak with the Specialist in Knoxville 3xper week and am required to give blood sugar readings weekly. We will now make regular trips to Knoxville to see the Specialist. I am really, really hoping that the Ronald McDonald House will house us next visit in December. It was a long-exhausting day a few weeks ago for us and all the children.

I would like to say a special thank you to EVERYONE for their support during this change in our lives. We are blessed to have so many people and families to pray for us. I have not sent individual thank-yous, but would like to let everyone reading know that your love of Jesus and support has carried us when we could not see light in the dark. Thank you for feeding us, sending all the cards with turtles and flowers, sending flowers, phone calls with offers of help, emails, dear friends sacrificing time to bring your children by for a visit to the sisters at home, and for the special families that stepped right in within the first few hours of hearing of Hannah's illness. Thank you for moving in such a mighty way. The Lord will bless each of you. Thank you!

Shandee for the Childress Family

Thursday, October 21, 2010


(trying to upload pictures, but blogger images is having problems...check back tomorrow)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hannah is still continuing stomach pains so there is a need to monitor her and another insulin increase as of Monday. I am due to call in the morning with her readings this week. Her spirits are good and she is hoping to go to church tonight.

I can't believe I did not update yesterday or today. We just came home from Madison's ENT appt (which we got our usual negative comments from the nurse and dr.).and it is church night. We have a lot of messes because we had to be out of the house around 7:30 and we were late leaving. Always in a rush, scurrying around. I'm not sure why that is.

It is a gorgeous Fall day today, a perfect one as far as the weather is concerned.

Tomorrow I have a special surprise for Hannah and the girls! While in the hospital, Hannah sweetly peered up at me and asked, "Mommy, when we get out of here, I want to go to a nail salon and get my nails painted." So, gues where we are going tomorrow? A treat just for her and can't leave sissies out so I am going to love to get sweet pictures of them tomorrow. The plan is to let them soak in a large foot basin and get a fresh coat of paint on little toenails and not so little toenails. A morning at the salon, Hannah's dream!

Look out here comes Hannah in orange toenail polish-her favorite color ;-)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Never Mind...

Never mind the previous post, she did run and she did hide tonight for the first time.
Her arms are getting very sore and we are pleading with her to do her shots in new sites. After trying to manage her and talk her into getting her insulin, an hour and half past. I called the dr. and they told me it was too late for her to get her insulin :-(
It has to be no more than 45 mins after her last meal. So, tonight her tiny, precious pancreas is on its own to do the work. I just prayed over her and was speaking life into that pancreas! Go pancreas go!

Our family is having a hard time coping and managing so tomorrow I am looking into some resources that could help us better. We have not had time to sit down as a family and just talk about it all and know how everyone is feeling. We have managed to have a few laughs through our journey.

Hannah needs to realize that this insulin is necessary. Her dr. tonight told me that in order for her to live she must take the insulin everyday.

Some asked about her yesterday and I failed to update. We did go to the clinic and her urine did not show any immediate infection, but they are sending it off for culture and we'll know from that.

I spoke with the dr. today and because of continued readings over 200, we are once again upping her morning long-acting dose and praying this will be better. Also, some health conditions were mentioned that are possibilities from her bloodwork, nothing life-threatening, but nothing I want to speak so we are in prayer for her body to function perfectly.

goodnight, love, shandee

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


She could run.

She could hide.

She could scream.

She could shout, "NO!!!"

She could hit or kick.

She could refuse.

...But she gets her needle and gently stands while I give her shots 4 times a day.

Today, she looked at the needle and said, "That sure is a big needle."

I hesitantly replied, "I know."

My heart was so sad, I felt broken.

I gave her the shot and then looked into those big brown eyes of her and said, "I"m sorry I have to do this. I pray we will not have to always. Daddy is also going to get us a pen fixed where we don't have to use these kinds of needles anymore."

I prayed for her in my spirit and she ran off to play.

Just because she is not complaining does not mean she is not hurting.

We are SO believing God for her healing. Pancreas produce enough insulin, not too much nor too little in the name of Jesus!
Today I am not in a positive mood, so I won't blog much. Just for an update, Hannah is about the same. Her readings are a little better today. Tomorrow, I'll be calling them in to the dr. in Knoxville. They will look at her readings and call me back.

Still sick girls and breathing treatments, Madison now updated to the list. She is missing her Bright Lights class tonight and disappointed about it. I did learn from our Knoxville appt. that asthma and diabetes are auto-immune disorders(hope that is correct wording.) I would love to research it to find out the root of it because this is attacking all 5 of my children!

We started school back today and Hannah was so thrilled that she literally ran through our bottom floor level screaming with excitement and making the announcement.

I am pretty much drained and mentally down. Hannah looks at the needles and looks at me and has a frown on her face when I give the shots. I am so sad about that. I'm going out for some fresh air and getting a "break." I'll be going to the pharmacy to pick up medicine for one of the girls. Life is down when my girls are sick, but I know it is temporary and I am thanking God they are here with me.

Praying for Hannah's pancreas to work perfectly just as God made it to!

Blessings, Love, Shandee

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Lastweek Hannah wrote this note on our chalkboard.

How's Hannah? She is so BRAVE. She does not flinch and is not complaining except occasional soreness. She is sitting beside me right now. There are moments that I know she is scared or hurting inside, but does not want to talk of it.
We are adjusting to shots, needles, and insulin. This is our first week "alone" with no doctors or hospitals.
Hannah was having great levels, but today not so great. Not sure what is going on besides her fighting this stuffiness. I know she's fighing sickness and that will make it elevated. I do hope that she can get better levels tonight. She has been fairly high all afternoon and evening so I am hoping for a much better glucose reading tonight. I worry if she goes to sleep and her level is high. I'm doing much better and much more comfortable giving her insulin now. The first time at the hospital, I was a nervous wreck. I never dreamt in all my life I'd ever learn to give shots!!! God is again growing me and forcing me to become an even stronger woman.

Claire commented today that we are really going to get to know Knoxville.

It is so good to be home with all of us here together!

Monday, October 11, 2010


We took Naomi to the dr and was diagnosed with wheezing and ear infection.


had lunch, went to the pharmacy, went to Home Medical Supply to pick up breathing neb units, went back to pick up Na's rx and was blessed with some good counseling on diabetes, came home, had dinner, and I went to the store.

All are resting and now it's time for Naomi to get a treatment.

Hannah seems to be feeling much better, but is slightly whimpering and crying over insulin shots.

That was our day.

Hope you're not getting bored, thank you for praying and loving us.

goodnight . . . .

Hannah decided to pick this pink rose out of flowers that her Aunt sent her.

She is so timid that she told me to make sure to not get her in the picture, but I tried my best and this is what I came up with.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ma, Na, and Me!

Today 4 pm

Something Uplifting

We had really great blood sugar levels yesterday, all in the normal range!!!! For the first time in 2 weeks, we are so thankful.

Also, the Lord put a nurse in our path in Knoxville on Friday. When we first walked in, she was very overwhelmed by the number of children and our family size when we entered the room. She had the sign-in nurse to move us to another room because we are "a big family," she said. She was nervous and possibly anxious as she checked us in and spoke with us. She was just watching each of us, I could tell it was distracting her by all that I was doing cleaning nebulizer units as I was speaking with her. She was willingly ready to move the girls on to the "child life" section where the girls could play with toys and make crafts. During one moment, she commented on "all these children" we had and I replied, "The Lord was so good to me. Aren't I so blessed?!" She did not answer, but replied, "I am blessed because I got out of a meeting is all I can say." When she saw we were going past lunch time, she offered to bring Hannah a tray, but none of the rest of the children. I did not agree to such a thing. Hannah had a snack we had brought and I knew she would be okay till we could get out of there and if not, Rick would gladly tell them.

Our visit there was no shorter than 4 hours because Rick and I had paperwork, interviews with the nurse, and a visit with the doctor. Also included in our visit was more classes with a Dietician plus the RN going over what the hospital did and did not tell us. There were a few changes but all in all mostly the same. I did learn a few new things such as when counting casseroles, it may be too hard to figure out exactly the grams of carbs so we just figure an estimate of 15 grams per half-cup. "Think small," she said.

By the time we were leaving, I could visibly see we had changed the RN nurse's heart and I truly believe she fell in love with our girls, our sweet family. She was impressed with how well the girls behaved for such a lengthy visit of over 4 hours. It was kind of like she wanted us to stay and visit now. She kindly took us out of the office and walked us around the hospital, telling us she was giving us "the scenic tour." It was such a mess and not any pattern or direction due to construction and reconstruction of the hospital which now has I think 3 garages. She took us to the parking garage where we would cross a crossby and find our car. As we were walking with her, it was like I heard a sweet whisper from the Lord of how we touched her day.

I know through this journey that God is going to do amazing things through us. We are believing of complete healing of Hannah's pancreas and that it will begin to produce enough insulin just as God has designed it to.

The girls still do have colds and Naomi seems to feel worse this afternoon with stuffiness and possibly an ear infection so I'm not sure if that will land us another dr visit or not...

The sun is shining today and our dark rain cloud is slowly starting to drift away.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Returning from Knoxville

I woke around 5 a.m.

Just got most of the kids settled except Naomi.

4 sick children and 1 well
bags of medicine
bags for Hannah's insulin and snacks
breathing treatments where we could find outlets
6 hours travelling
skipped lunch
more unfortunate bloodwork for Hannah from her arm
4 hours in the dr's office with "Education classes"
an hour to shop for Hannah's birthday present
a stop for dinner at Cracker Barrell
patient, sweet, gentle, well-behaved daugthers, they have been so sweet and precious.

Arrived home after 12 a.m.

Just new dosage and carb counts for Hannah plus a cool new pink glucose meter for Hannah.

That was our day. We're going through some really tough times, but God is growing me more and more through it. Not sure when I"ll be back on for updates. We just want to sleep in our beds tonight alnight and not rush to get up in the morning.

Thank you for your prayers today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

East TN Children's Hospital


Hour by Hour

It seems like the name of our "new normal" so far is called Hour by Hour.
Each hour something changes.
News, blood sugar levels, and appointments.
And children's health....

To do a quick summary, Sophie was throwing up lastnight into the morning. Whatever is going on with them is really, really aggravating their asthma producing ongoing coughs. Hannah is in her bed struggling right now. I have given her night meds and Rick finished her breathing treatment so I would hope she is fine to rest, but that is not true. She is coughing but it certainly should ease up.

So....in addition to caring for our new baby we brought home ;-) (october baby hannah :-) we are dealing with the other 3 being sick. We were told this morning that we need to get her in to see the dr. to get her diabetes taken care of. Like TOMORROW, Friday, like in 9 hours visit with a drive to Knoxville TN with 5 children and only one being well. We will have to take medicine and breathing machine(the nebulizer.) It is so much to keep straight with their asthma and the treatments and meds, I just don't think anyone could keep track of it and Madison is feeling someway. I can't figure it out. I know this has been so hard on her mentally. Ma, I am praying I know how to help you sis. None of the children want me away. They are still off schedule and will continue to do so until they are better and we get past this trip and Hannah's care. I pray that one day we will not even need the care.

This hour, Rick and I will be packing to go for possibly a day trip, we do not want to be away with sick kids, but may need to stay and let them rest. We'll figure this out. It seems like these days, once we figure it out, we are thrown another scenario and we have to get a new plan.

Hour by Hour is what I know is normal now and I trust that God is doing a work in all this.

Dr's Appt Rescheduled

FYI: We are rescheduling the trip. Hannah had more restful night, but two of the others were up and down alnight long. We need these colds to leave them! Sophie has been throwing up alnight from the drainage.

Love, Shandee

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Travel mercies

Forgot to ask for prayer for travel mercies for us tomorrow. Fear creeps in and I just need to start rebuking it with the Word.

Where We Stand

Hard night last night. Hannah was up and down alnight. I made some calls to dr offices today to help her breathing and congestion. Knoxville visit tomorrow, we are still believing and praying for a miracle! It has been a hard day at home, very hectic, I accidentally didn't give her first insulin dosage correctly, I missed 2 units. She's had readings high today and that is not good. She's remained in the 200s and one over 300. The Specialist will help us with all that tomorrow. We are still undecided on plans. Rick is working to get some to rest. The children are very out of sorts mentally and physically through this.

Today, Hannah was waking up and this afternoon a UPS driver came looking for a Hannah Childress. She got some gorgeous yellow flowers with a balloon and matching bear from our dear friends and you know who you are :-)
Thank you for sending them!!!! Claire and Hannah were making guesses over which one of your girls are the oldest ;-) You certainly did not have to, but I know it was from your heart. Thank you for ALWAYS loving us in good times and bad times!

Blessings upon you all,
Love, Shandee-Hannah's Mommy

through the night

Well, Hannah did have a hard night. It was not painful like a stomach bug, it was just the kind of stuffiness and drainage that would cause her reflux to make her throw up. Everytime she would try to lay down, she could not because her nose would get stuffier. We tried propping her up and that did not alleviate the problem. She was up and down alnight throwing up from the drainage.

It may be a good idea to give her allergy&asthma dr. a call this morning to see if breathing treatments would help. That happens to my girls a lot, the drainage causes her to have problems with the breathing and throwing up and then we end up doing the nebulizer treatments every 4 hours. I will need to check in about that. Her Daddy suggested it lastnight, so we are on the same page with that, Rick. I'll put a call in shortly. We are so behind these days getting ready for the day and doing chores. Seems like it will be 11 am before we are all dressed again today...

Rick, thanks for being a sweet acts-of-service man and making the bed so kindly. That was just a perfect gift I needed today. Thank you!

The plan is to Knoxville tomorrow and we have an offer to stay with a family that we do not know nor have met if the Ronald McDonald House does not fit us. We are leaning toward trying to make it a trip to go and come back in the same day for some different reasons. We have been unsettled about the news of having to go to Knoxville since they told us. Long drive and Daddy time off, not so good. But, Hannah being well is our top priority! She gets to have snack in her bed, she is thrilled about that.

Blessings, Shandee

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hannah is Sick

Hannah has had a stuffy nose and cough here and there today. She does not feel well and cannot go to sleep. She is even feeling like throwing up. Not good for a diabetic, not good at all. I hear her now. Pray she can be well and this will stop NOW in the name of Jesus.


Hannah has had readings over 200 for the past 3 times.

She says her throat hurts and has a stuffy nose. This is not good for her to be sick. We were given a "sick paper" with directions for sick days that I have not even seen. I don't even know where it is. I will find it. I pray we will not need it.

We are trying to get organized from last week. Tomorrow we will be packing for our trip.
I am struggling to find time for anything but will update as I can.

She has asked if she can do school, sweet girl. Her injections are starting to hurt her and she says her arm is sore. She also has a few raised rashes on her other arm. I'm not sure what that is about, her skin is so sensitive.

Thanks for genuinely taking the time to check in on her.

Love, Shandee

Monday, October 4, 2010

Juvenile Diabetes

I cannot believe that on Tuesday morning, my sweet 5 year old daughter was told she has diabetes. It seemed like a really bad dream and I just knew there was a mistake and that once we made the 1 1/2 drive to Children's Hospital in Johnson City TN that my daughter would be cleared. Upon check-in and bloodwork, I did believe that she had a bladder infection but her father nor I believed she had diabetes, and if she did; we believed God would heal her at that moment so we requested the test be repeated. The test was repeated and God did not heal her at that moment. Her 2nd test result proved that for at least the last 3 months that Hannah Josey Childress had high blood sugar levels for the past 3 months. Our world and life changed forever that day. We still believe Hannah will be healed and will make just the right amount of insulin. I looked into those gorgeous big brown eyes of her and asked, "Hannah do you believe with all your heart that God will heal you?" She replied "Yes."

I can't believe this has happened to my child. I monitor everything and food choice I give them. Why, Lord? Why? Why didn't you give her a miracle why we were on our way to the hospital? I do not know why. I do not know why children must suffer and God does not heal in the ways we expect, but I know that we serve and honor a worthy-God. He will not leave us or forsake us. Rick says, "we will praise Him."

I have barely seen or spoken to her Dad in a week now. Drs., a near week in the hospital and now work, plus
caring for the children and phone calls have left us to work even harder than our normally busy daily walk with our girls. Rick is beyond tired. God, please give him strength as he works for us to support us and to lead us. You have made him so strong.

Praying for good news Thursday.

Our 3 a.m. glucose test will be here before I know it so I should run. Her last reading at dinner was back up a little over 200. I know that her treatment plan will be changed Thursday.

So, How are we?

That is what everyone is asking. We are blessed, I reply, as usual. We are blessed!!! Hannah is home watching me type this trying to make out the words. I must be very honest, we are feeling very overwhelmed about a lot of things. That about sums it up. There's so many things and I won't take time to type them all. I will say that we know God is in control of everything.

I have good news on Hannah, today's readings of glucose were very good. Her morning one was 151, which is the lowest reading we've had. I'm wondering if it might even be too low.

We are preparing for Knoxville. I got bad news that the Ronald McDonald House may not be able to house us because they "only have 1 room big enough and it is being used." Rick and I will have to speak on this and pray about it when we get to see each other.

Hannah is hyped up. I am not sure why, she is sitting beside me in her bed not wanting to go to sleep. She has not had a nap so I"m just not sure why she can't sleep. It will take some tweaking to get snacks and insulin adjusted to her.

We were blessed tonight with a meal from our church family. I was especially thankful that I did not have to shop or prepare food because we had to go through totes to find warm clothes. Fall temps hit while we were in the hospital and no one had warm clothes. We were able to take care of out of 7 people, so not bad.

Hannah is telling me she knows how to spell "s-p-o-t....is that right?"

Goodnight everyone. We'll update you tomorrow.

Our First Morning Back

In case you were wondering, our first morning back is going good. Hannah and I made it through the first insulin injection without Daddy. The girls are SO HAPPY to be together. I am still in night clothes and so is Na, managing the food and snacks is a whole job itself. I will now add Juvenille Diabetes Dietician to my job description. Speaking of that, many think that she cannot have sugar and it has to be sugar-free. That is not true. With her type 1 Diabetes, we can count carbs not sugar level on the packaging. I thought that was werid, but in the Education Class at the hospital, we learned Carbs is what counts. We even have some foods that are Free Foods which means no carbs and she can have that at any time! That is great, I was excited to learn about that. We are switching to Diet Drinks and Lite Juices along with Crystal Light. This is going to be a healthier move for our entire family.

I'm just finishing a call to the Knoxville dr's office where Hannah will be seeing her doctor and I found out that will be at the hospital and I know Hannah is not looking forward to going to the hospital again even for a visit. We will have to break that news after Daddy gets home.

We are having problems for them allowing all 7 of us to stay at the Ronald MCD House in Knoxville so please pray that will work out. We do not want to be separated again after just being together. It's very different and difficult for us. We are a team and when our team members are out.

Anyways, I have to get dressed sometime today and kids need me, I may not update till tonight. Snack time in 30mins!

Thanks for all your prayers and for loving us!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our first day home

Well, our first day home has been precious. We are loving being together again. We still have lots to unpack and sort through from the hospital. It's very similar to bringing home a new baby; lots to learn, time to give, and even waking up during the night for blood sugar checks. The girls have had a blast being together. I know this has been hard on them. Sophie really disturbed me tonight, I"m not sure why she said this, but she said: "Hannah is with God in heaven." I told her no that Hannah was in there in her bed. Claire said, "No, she didn't die yet." I told them Hannah was home and waiting for me to go to her room. I am so disturbed and upset, I don't know why they said that. We have not spoke any word like that. It is very hurtful to hear them say that, it definitely proves they are worried about it. Before Hannah went to bed, she said she wanted me to pray for her to "feel better" and I asked if she felt bad and her reply was, "no, just my diabetes, do I have diabetes?" My heart is really breaking. I know it could be worse and I am thanking God that Hannah is home. It's just very disturbing when I hear the children say things like that.

Pray for our day tomorrow. It will be my first day all alone giving insulin and measuring meds. Keeping it all organized is hard work. Planning the meals with the correct carbs is time-consuming. Also, I will be responsible for all of it. Rick does not want to go back to work, but he must. He has already missed about 1 week of work and will have to miss more when we head out to Knoxville this week for her appt.

Free th or Low Cost Knoxville Family Fun

Anyone know of any free or low cost family-friendly activities in Knoxville near the Children's Hospital?

We are considering doing something fun with the girls when we go to Knoxville this week. They will all be with us and we're making the trip anyways so it would not affect gas or food prices, so we are thinking if Hannah feels up to it, we might as well do something fun and educational ESPECIALLY since we are missing the Homeschool Field trip to Bays Mtn. this week :( I am trying not to act as sad about it as I feel.

If anyone knows anything, I'd really appreciate the info.

She was able to be at church

It was a huge blessing for Hannah's wish to come true to be at church today. She is sitting beside me at this moment looking at what I am typing and asking. She is so happy to be with her sisters, it's like they are having a much needed playdate with friends. I looked at her earlier and she is running around with a pink wand, red dress-up sequins top, and blue dress-up skirt while Sophie has on a red jumpsuit dress-up and a black and white "Sheriff's Hat." They are so funny.

Hannah's blood sugar levels are staying near 200 with some lower and some a little higher. I did fail to mention she has infection. It's a crazy time right now, but I know many are waiting for updates so I did want to let everyone know we were blessed to go to church and Hannah is doing good. She's being so brave with all the needles.

With Love,

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Wow, I got to snuggle with my daughter tonight! I wanted to type in snuggle with my baby girl, but she is such a big girl now with a 6th birthday coming up soon. I was reminded today of how we brought the sweet little baby home in October. It was much like today, it brought back many memories. She is resting. I was so blessed to snuggle and she snuggled against me every way she could.

The vehicles are not unloaded. Bags and things everywhere. Disorganized. It's good to be home.
Rick has spent most of the evening at the pharmacy trying to get medicines figured out. We had to call the dr's back and forth, which reminds me-Julie, I did not get to call you back! I am so sorry, I did listen to your message as I was on hold on the home phone. We have discovered that her insulin can be given in a flexpen instead of using "shots and syringes and needles" so we had to get the hospital and dr's to call the pharmacy. Some back and forth calls.

The plan is do check her levels at 3 am and it will be our first night alone without the professionals. I pray her levels are good.
We have been so excited and happy that we did not get any pictures of her arrival home ;( She fell asleep on the way home and was so happy to get to her sisters, her bike, and discover the welcome home decorations by Pappy and Claire. Pappy wanted to take it down, but I had him to leave them. Hope to get some sweet pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers, I'll keep you posted.

Goodnight and good blood sugar readings...

We're Home!

We have been home now about 1 hour. Hannah is thrilled! Pray for our first night home.
Rick is at the pharmacy right now, we're having some trouble getting prescriptions for her insulin...will update after bedtime.

She's coming home TODAY!!!

We just got news, she'll be home by tonight!
I have so much to learn about shots and insulin!
Pray for wisdom for Rick& Me.


Hannah's First Piano Lesson

In preparing for Hannah to come home, I just realized that we will have to alter our music lessons for the girls until we can get to our "new normal" and things situated. As of yesterday, she counted 15 finger pokes. We'll be heading out to Knoxville in just a few days.

I am sad for Hannah, but not going to bring this to her attention. She is loving learning to play the piano and it is amazing to see that young child make that large instrument play such sweet melodies. I think one of the reasons Hannah likes the piano is because she can "hide" behind it and the focus is on the piano, not her. She gets embarassed so easily and does not like the attention. She's going to miss you, Mrs. Bowman, but will get back ASAP. You are one of her favorite teachers ever ;-) Thank you for the investment you have already given her in learning this musical instrument.
I thought I would load some pictures of her first lesson.

Welcoming Hannah HOME! preparation

Shawnee Avenue will never have looked so good to Hannah Childress!

I'm really praying she can come home today, but not sure because of the blood sugar spike lastnight. Hannah would say, "cross your fingers."

Whenever she does come home, certain things will need to be in place. One of those things that I would like to prepare for is Welcoming Hannah Home to Big Stone. We are going to fancy up our porch with decoration. The girls and I will start working on signs. If you or your family feel led to drop off something and put it on our porch lattice, you are welcome to stop by anytime and do that. I'll be also getting some balloons so if you have latex balloons at home and can just fill them with air and want to hang some of those on the porch or mailbox, feel free to do that too. Anything you feel the Lord has put on your heart for her. I hope to start that part this morning. I'm hoping I get a call from Daddy saying they are breaking out of there today!

I'll keep you posted.

Road Trip

I forgot to mention that the closest Pediatric Endocronologist is in Knoxville so Lord willing for Hannah to come home ASAP, we will be on a road trip next week to Knoxville...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hannah's Daddy

Just sending Hannah's Daddy a hug from home. Bless you for being there every night. I am so sorry. Bless you for your sacrifice. Thank you for being such a precious leader of our home. You bless us and thank you for being strong.

p.s. Rick, when you read this, Hannah really does prefer me to give her shots instead of you, she's just telling you that she likes your shots better because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings ;-)

The Fruit was my enemy!

I received word earlier that Hannah had an escalation in blood sugar level, I know it was the fruit cocktail. I did not make sure it was LIGHT syrup and they told me that yesterday, I just didn't think about it. I pray all will be well and much more settled. The younger girls are getting really irritable and tired of the chaos. I think they are finally getting worn down. Sophie was nearly crying herself to sleep, it was late and things are out of sorts.

Pray Hannah will have a low blood sugar level at her 3 am check.

I feel much better after a friend was able to call, thank you Sandy, if you read this!!!!

Thanks to everyone for your support. We really would be lost without the grandparents and God's people moving!

Love, Shandee for The Childress Family


Today is a rough day. We are tired and worn out of this. Hannah's levels are now staying around 200. They need to be lower . She does like her dinner: pork chops. We cannot give her anything else because she has already had all her carbs for her meal. She is eating fruit ########, and 2 dinner rolls since she does not like anything else. I forgot that she may have some "free foods" such as....

We have been interrupted so now it is very late and I Must head home. Please pray for safe travels.

Also, pray for Hannah's blood levels to be lower.


Hannah I miss U...

When I found out Hannah had Type 1 diabetes I prayed that the Lord would heal her. When the results came she did my heart sank. When a Dr. came in she was talking about the tests and all that stuff. I was across the room praying and crying. The Dr. was kind she saw me crying and told me '' We're going to take good care of Hannah, and get her better.'' A few minutes after that she left the room. Later, that night me, Claire, Sophie, Naomi, and Momma went to the Ronald McDonald House for night. On our way down the hall a nurse that was in there when the Dr. was saw me and asked '' Are you feeling any better?'' I said, '' Yes. I'm trusting the Lord to take care of her.'' Yesterday when I came home I saw her bike in the yard and started bursting into tears crying. I miss her so much. This has been a change for me. I never really knew how bad diabetes were until now. Just thinking that a small little tiny baby could get so sick with an IV in it's hand. I'm trusting the Lord that he will heal Hannah one day. She's acting more like herself. ( I can tell. Because she is starting to look and feel like herself again.) Hannah if you read this or if Mommy or Daddy reads it to you, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!

~ Your sister Madison ( Ma-Ma) Oct. 1, 2010

Not coming Home today

Hannah had her IV disconnected from the pole this morning, but is still open in case they need to access it again. Her blood sugar levels are still being elevated in the evening so she cannot come home today or even until we get this regulated. She is in good spirits and got a fresh new dress on today. I put the call in to fancy her hair and they are going to do that for her.

I am going to prepare the girls for the day and Pappy is going to come when I call him and I"ll be on my way back to Johnson City later for the day. My day is busier than nights so the updates may be less. The girls are still struggling with Hannah being gone. Claire is nearly her twin and she is inwardly hurting. I know by the things she is saying and her actions. Madison is outwardly expressing her sadness with Hannah not being home. BUT, I am reassuring them that Hannah will be home before we know and that we are so blessed and God is in control of everything.

Hannah's prayer need would be for blood sugar levels to become regular and normal.

Thanks for praying.


Hair Idea

Well, no updates from Rick yet today. He has stayed there every night and is losing much sleep. I cannot stay with her because Naomi needs me and I feel so torn. I want to be with both, but I know that Naomi could not rest in the hospital room.

The phone was quiet through the night. I pray that Rick was able to get some rest, Hannah too. I just woke up praying trying to figure out how that I could help Hannah emotionally cope. She has been very patient and not complaining to this point. I think she is tired of that room and is going to start getting aggravated at the whole situation. She thinks once she leaves the hospital that all the pokes will be over...

In my spirit, I was searching a way to help her feel better about everything and I got a bright idea. How cute it would be for Hannah to get a fun hairstyle while in the hospital. You have got to know, she is all into the hairbows and fancy play jewelry. For example, she does not want to wear her houseshoes or socks in the hospital, she insists on wearing fancy pink dress shoes to walk the halls. I am going to make some calls this morning to find out if there is a volunteer or nurse on the floor that knows how to do some braids or fancy twists to spruce up my baby girl. She will love it!

Loaner Phone Needed

Our home phone just dropped on me and is dead and will not work after charging. It has been acting up for a bit now and decided it quit at the perfect time! If anyone is closeby tomorrow and if you have a phone you would be willing to loan us short term until I can get to the store, I would appreciate it so much! Feel free to stop by anytime.


I also wanted to thank Emma and Ryan for already getting sweet cards to Hannah. Ryan, I got yours electronically!