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Blessings from Shandee

Update: We have been led to further sharing our online journey with posts from the entire family. What started out as a simple blogging journey from a Mother & Wife's perspective has blossomed into a family journey. We now welcome you to The Childress Family Blog.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playing with Pretend Food-More of the Dietician Visit

As promised, the highlights of our Dietician Visit

What did we learn?

  • that gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley
  • that anything that has malt is not gluten free
  • that milk and cheese are safe(woohooo!)
  • that for some reason, manufactures are putting ingredients in our products for no explanation, my theory is to preserve and for freshness; nevertheless, these ingredients are causing more allergies
  • Even seasonings are being injected with man-made substances (Shandee's thoughts:  all we need to do is to learn to use herbs for seasoning instead of the store bought preservative, mystery substance)
  • bottom line NATURAL & ORGANIC food is the way to go- grow your own food and make your own food
Will we need to do this diet?  I"m not sure. Hannah's stomach was hurting very regularly and the doctor along with some blood work showed that she may possibly have some problems with gluten.  However, the pain is not as persistent as it once was so I'm just not sure.  Still, this is good info. on the food and I want to do as much of it as possible no matter what.   How am I going to find time to do all this changing and growing all of our own food?  I'm still thinking...

These are pictures of us waiting. Pretty much, at least one day of our week looks like these days, waiting at a hospital or doctor's office.  Lots of times we have to take our school work, but this was our school for the morning andthe rest of the day off due to Holiday.


I was right on Sunday night, yesterday was very hectic and I did not get time to blog.
We were gone from 9 till around 5.  That was a big trip, 2 hours of driving time. The girls were in the sweetest spirits for a trip that long. My dr's visit was ridiculously long in wait-time. Rick was able to come and keep them occupied for the 2 or 3 hours I was there. We had lunch and later went to Hannah's appointment. We had good news at her appointment, she seems to be outgrowing her eczema!!! Yeah!

When we returned home, the girls were so happy to be out of our warm, cramped van. It was clear when I saw the look on their faces as they began to run about and enjoy being in our cozy home. When we entered our doorway, I was so blessed to smell the warm, home-cooked meal I had prepared in the crockpot before leaving. When we have big trips, a great money-saving, and stress-free meal planning is the good ole crockpot. Rick got it for me last year and it has been well worth the great bargain sale price he paid for it. An added bonus: Family Size!  If you are a family of 5 or more, I would highly encourage investing in a crockpot or also known as a slow cooker.  I'll post some recipes for you sometime.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Check out Our Dietician Visit

The day before Thanksgiving...

With all 5 Ladybugs in Tote, we embarked on a Journey to learn all about the
gluten-free diet.

Photos coming soon...

Revival at ESGUMC

Today, our church started a revival and it is going on right now as I type this!  We were not able to go because we have many young children and a very long drive and day tomorrow for dr. visits in Tennessee. Not to mention, I have school preparation for the week and some students will rise bright and early to get to school and work done by 8:00 a.m.  So, early bedtime tonight for all!

This visit is actually for me. It is my yearly visit to my OB dr. 7 months past due.  What can I say? I"m trying to get there, but there is very little time for myself to go to doctor appointments or do anything that I cannot do without my children. They will all actually go with me because Pappy already took care of some of them a week ago while I took Naomi to her specialist in Kingsport.  My mother is working and the other grandparents are sick. There's really no one for me to ask to stay with them and no one trained to plan Hannah's meals or give insulin, so we all will go. Rick can hopefully meet us in the office because there is no way the older girls can go in an exam room with me for this visit.

Anyways, I actually wanted to tell ya'll about our church having revival tonight. We have a guest speaker; Jason Roe, and his message this morning was really good. I think you will be blessed and that it will be great for you to worship the Lord. It's happening all week long. 7 p.m. every night and childcare services are downstairs for classes. Contact our church for more info.

Blessings, Shandee

p.s. We have a super busy day tomorrow and I am going to a free conference tomorrow night on Essential Oils and their Healing Properties so I probably won't be online tomorrow at all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cute Naomi

She is so adorable, who could resist this face?!  Not us ;-)


Today, we have been working towards some cleaning and preparing for Christmas.

In the moments, I have been thinking and mentally preparing myself for the trip to Knoxville. I've also been thinking of how overwhelmed we have been this year. It started in May and truly has given us no break. We have not meant to complain when telling others about this, we've just been talking.  It's interesting  the responses we hear.  Some people have said, "We all go through hard times" and other have said, "That is life" and some have spoke to us words of how we are not the only ones struggling. I know that.
I understand that. But, for Rick and I myself, this is the first time we have ever been HIT over and OVER. It's like as soon as we have gotten up, we have been HIT again. And, it hasn't stopped.  Yes, I know it could be worse. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have Hannah back in her bed and ALL of us under one roof again.  I am so thankful.  Just to  be Real, We  have been fighting just to thrive as a family.

During this experience, the Lord has shown us that sometimes all someone needs is Compassion.
Nothing to be said except, "I understand."

Everytime I think on this, I hear this song over in my head.

Everyone needs compassion,
Love that's never failing;
Let mercy fall on me.

Everyone needs forgiveness,
The kindness of a Saviour;
The Hope of nations.

Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.

Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

So take me as You find me,
All my fears and failures,
Fill my life again.

I give my life to follow
Everything I believe in,
Now I surrender.

My Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.
Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

Shine your light and let the whole world see,
We're singing for the glory of the risen King...Jesus (x2)

My Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.
Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

My Saviour, you can move the mountains,
You are mighty to save,
You are mighty to save.
Forever, Author of Salvation,
You rose and conquered the grave,
Yes you conquered the grave

Christian lyrics - 

Jakey Update

Bright and early, my husband woke me up to tell me he was going to go try to grab a deal at Kmart and then drive to Pound to pick up Jakey.

Of course, the deal was not there. Too late, he missed it.

BUT, He did find Jakey waiting on him. Tonight, Jakey will be sleeping with his owner Hannah.

Thanks to Daddy for saving the day!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Oh no, Jakey is missing!

I slipped on Rick's big loose tennis shoes and stepped outside to search the van. Maybe Jakey was left inside and we just didn't get him out.

Maybe Rick didn't see Jakey hiding underneath a car seat?

I've searched the van high and low, sifting through papers, dirty sippy cups, various toys, and anything else my girls have tossed in the floor.

Jakey is gone.

Okay, I bet he is still at Granny & Pappy's. After speaking with them, Jakey is in The Butterfly Guestroom at Granny's.

Well, Hannah sadly drifted off to sleep. I gave her my robe to help soothe her, but it's not Jakey.

At least we know where Jakey is and he will be safe. Looks like we'll  Rick or I will be driving to Pound to pick up Jakey.  Too bad.

Goodnight, friends.

Toys'R'Us Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Toys'R'Us Holiday Scavenger Hunt: "Enter for your chance to win $25 Gift Cards Daily! One grand prize winner will also receive a $1500 Gift Card!"


Anyone shopping at home today?  There are still online deals going on so be sure to go to your favorite store's website and check out the deals. You could very easily get free shipping!  I foresee most of my shopping to be done online this year. It is very rare that I am away from the girls. Hannah's diet, blood sugar readings,  and insulin dosages require my attention around the clock.

We just arrived home from being with the grandparents. 

We're trying to get settled in and I need to start dinner.

Hope your Thanksgiving was blessed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whiskers, Our First Pet

Meet Whiskers Lea Childress

How old do you think she is? We know nothing about her except she loves being with us and wants inside this house!

Meet Our New Family Member

We were not looking for her.

Nor did we want a pet at any time.

I don't know what it is, but we had compassion on this sweet little cat when it showed up at our back door.

She was starving, literally. Her bones were poking and I could nearly see her hip bones as she walked.

It was the day after Hannah came home from the hospital. She showed up at our back door trying to get in meowing to get inside. It was a cool, fall day and I don't know what it was about this cat.

We all felt compassion toward this cat.

The girls first named her YemAe.  At that point, we didn't know she was staying, but Rick said we could go buy some cat food.  Then, I placed a box outside on the porch with a blankie and she hasn't left since.

She has a new name now. They decided YemAe was too difficult for us to keep straight. She was called Yoyo, Emma, and other names.  Sophie asked, "Are we going to adopt her?"

All the girls agreed on Whiskers and then Hannah said, "Whiskers Lea Childress, she's my birthday present."

Welcome to The Childress Family on Shawnee Avenue, Whiskers.

Below are pictures of my attempt to capture her picture.  I don't think she likes her picture taken, she goes the other way.

She runs when I try to get a good picture.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doctor's Notes from Hannah

Hannah is feeling better and doing better.
(Our whole family is doing better, thankfully.)

I got a call from the nurse tonight and that have given us the option to come to Knoxville for a visit next week or wait till the week before Christmas. I can't imagine how Rick can request time off from work in such short notice for next week so I don't know what we will decide.

Hannah's levels have been high the past 2 weeks, but that was to be expected with her sickness and needing breathing treatments for her asthma.  We are hoping they will stabilize better after she is completely well.  Unfortunately, her stomach still hurts on and off.  I spoke with our dermatologist last week during Naomi's visit  and she advised us to go in the path of a dietary change for all girls. Naomi's  skin infection from the bullous arthropod reaction(severe allergic reaction to bug bites) has still not healed. That explains why she is up and down all night.

Okay, so Hannah's Endocrinologist has said that her tests suggest there may be two other "problems."
I want to be vague because I do not want this spoken over her. There is a reason for her stomach hurting, but the Endocrinologist has said it should not be from her fluctuating blood sugar levels. However, I do think that is exactly what it is. Nevertheless, Dr. K has suggested that if her pain is related to another "problem" then the only treatment for that "problem" is a dietary change with is a gluten free diet.

Gluten-free diet. Hmmmm, what exactly does that mean? I don't know. I will find out tomorrow. We will be meeting with a Dietician to discuss this. Our morning school will include Health lessons and Science lessons on the Human Body and Diet.  And guess the cool thing about it is? (I have to look at it in some positive way ;-)  The cool thing is, I don't have to teach it!! Or prepare for it or study it? I just have to show up and enjoy it with my children PLUS our insurance will pay for it.

The goal of this is for Education and possibly another diet change.

My girls all suffer from eczema, asthma, allergies and now Hannah with Diabetes. Guess what they all have in common? They are all Autoimmune Disorders. I'll probably be learning more about that on my own or with help. My prayer is that all this can be controlled by diet and or natural remedies if we can get to the root and I am the woman wiling to do the job!  And, no, I am not looking for things to do. Being sarcastic. When it comes to my children, I will do what it takes and I'll search HIGH or low.

Love, Shandee

Hannah's Ilness

I haven't spoke much about Hannah's Diabetes.

I still want to ignore that it is there. I had hoped it would not be an issue.

I still deny it.  If I deny it, then it will go away and I am not accepting it. We do not accept that this will be "for the rest of her life" as the doctors say.

I don't think I will ever get used to giving her shots. Four times a day. I forgot one yesterday morning.

I HATE that she constantly sees other children being free what to eat, when to eat and how much they can eat-all right in front of her then feeling like if she has something different that she has to share her food and that is ALL she has, ALL she can have.  But, that is the beauty of her heart.  Hannah puts others before herself.

I can't believe it.

I pray and believe it will go away.

I want to wake up.

I feel guilty for feeling this way because her diagnosis could have been so much worse. Or what if she was younger with this diagnosis, that would be bad too. But, to me, the mother of this precious new 6year old, little girl wanting to be free from this awful thing. Worrying about dying. Worrying and asking if she is sick like her friend Westin. Worrying about the next time she has to go to the hospital or dr's office and the worry of not knowing what's next or what they are going to do to her.  It is so unfair, to me, I think, for a little child to be weighed down with this illness, any illness.

And then, I remember...

When Hannah was at Johnson City Niswonger Hospital-it was just her, me, and the Lord in that room. I seriously looked at her and I asked, "Hannah, do you think God can heal you, with all your heart, do you think so?"  She peered into my eyes, her big brown, gorgeous eyes, not even with one bat of her long eyelashes, she did not hesitate-"YES."  That is all she said, and then I knew the battle was on. Because she believes and I believe, and her whole family believes that God can heal her if that is His plan.   And, we believe that is His plan. Despite the doctors words.  They are medically speaking, but Hannah is walking it and believing for God's miracle.

We have so many that are believing with us. Thank You. We are in awe of those believing with us. Thank you for being in this journey with us. When I started this blog, I never dreamt nor never wanted to imagine that this would be the journey God has chosen for me as a mother. But, we walk and we live, and we fight because we are children of God and because He is already doing mighty things in Hannah and our family.

Bless you this Thanksgiving. We are so blessed. Hug your babies extra tight, let them know you love them. Don't wait till they are sick. Nothing matters except the time you have with them right now.
Just love them and Enjoy them.

With Love, From a Mother's Heart,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Now Daddy is Sick

Now my acts-of-service, sweet husband Rick is feeling bad. I feel so bad for him.  He can't miss anymore days until March 28th, 2011 unless it's an emergency. Just 15 days a year for sick AND vacation sure is hard to deal with when you have a large family and work an hour away from home. He missed a week  of those days when Hannah was in the hospital and now only a few remain. I pray that he feels better. He's such a sweetheart. Staying up late every night into the morning hours, getting up at night to help me with kids and working all day. Thanks for supporting us. Love you, Rick!


Just for fun...Naomi is REALLY into markers and crayons, and pens-literally!
She loves this and it's her favorite. However, this is not the safest thing for an 18month old to play with. I'm trying to teach the big sisters that we must put these things up. 

Because, we have a bandit on the loose scrambling to get markers however she can.

She is absolutely, HILARIOUS!  The family's center of attention and loves it!

By the way, I know this is not safe and did immediately get a washcloth to clean her tongue and face from a black Crayola Marker.  Who could resist getting this Kodak moment ;-)  Not me, surely not me!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home-made Detergent

 I have been so excited to try this recipe for making my own dishwasher detergent. This recipe uses a few simple ingredients.
This link is for the recipe posted by a sweet mommy friend, thanks Jennifer.

Blessings, Shandee


Wow, what a day!  We barely had time to eat. Not a restful Sunday. What did we learn?
We have learned that we can't push ourselves and little(several) young children to go and go, especially when feeling bad.

Let me rewind to yesterday.  There is always a story with me!

We were working hard to prepare for today and to do some catch up work around the house. Thankfully, Madison started working on our DVD project. {Ma, you blessed us so much!!}
We were still doing some nebulizer treatments. Hannah was not feeling well at all. She has been so irritable and grouchy. She is feeling just bad. I don't know how else to describe it. She was up and down nearly half the night coughing and getting treatments. Her blood sugar levels are unstable; high and low, everywhere on the chart.

Night quickly came upon us.  Rick and I were finishing up the DVD and I was finishing up all of the matching outfits for our family. It takes a lot of time and coordination to get so many girls matching.  Also, I was working on tidying our home and preparing some things for tomorrow. Finally at 1 a.m. we settled down and nearly asleep, heard a big, loud, thumping sound from the laundry room.  It sounded like a machine that was hit against the wall and then made a whopping sound before falling over.
Ooops, I had forgotten to wash my skirt and had a load of clothes washing. OH, it was probably the dryer because I had a rug in the dryer. Rick, so sweetly got out of bed and went to check.  NO, it was not the dryer!  Yeah, our dryer was safe-Rick had to replace that last year when Naomi came home from the hospital.  Well, what was the sound?  Uh-oh...he checked the washing machine. Uh-oh....our washing machine spun its last spin!!!!!!!!!

Just think, see that our family has had one thing after another attack us since May, that was to be expected I guess. So, here we are. My husband is down in the kitchen right now lifting and moving a machine alone that he will not allow me to help him with. I pray that he will stay safe with it and not get hurt from lifting.

About today: We scrambled to get to church on time with all matching dresses and a DVD in hand while making sure we had an appropriate snack for Hannah. Settled into church service and was blessed with Naomi's sweet Dedication. Came home and we grabbed a very fast 45 min. lunch. Freshened up, went back to the church for family pictures. Hannah and Naomi were crashing. Hannah was having a very difficult time-not sure if the pictures turned out after all the chaos ;-(
 Came home, got a really quick snack. Back out to play practice. Came home after 7. Ate dinner, sat down with the girls. Just got everyone settled.

Need I say more?

Long Day.

We have vowed to get our Sundays back to enjoyable and peaceful.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Naomi's Dedication Tomorrow

Tomorrow is her special Day!  We are excited for her. The girls are so proud. One of them asked, "Is it kind of like her wedding day?"  I believe Sophie was the one that asked.

I noticed the pictures in the previous post is very large-I"ll have to get my admin to look at that when he is available. He has a project to complete tonight of the DVD we hope to show at the Dedication tomorrow.


Hospital Pictures(Rick got our photos back for us!!)

September 28th, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

So,You Want to Quit Work?

I have felt  a deep impression on my heart for a few years now to use this blog as a ministry to help Mothers come home from the workplace.  It seems with people I meet and others asking about our family, that these days I am passing out my blog address more than ever. I believe God is using this tool as a ministry for women I meet. Not that I have all the answers, because I certainly do not.  I do know that God works it all for His good and He blesses if we are willing to obey!

This entry is the beginning of advice for those who are sincere about listening to the tug that God is putting on your heart.  From now until January 1st, I will randomly put articles on helping you in ideas on how to leave the work place and come home!  How Exciting to be at that point!!! Bless you for being obedient to God's calling. You will be so blessed; but, most importantly, your husband and children will be blessed!  You are in for such a treat. This past summer, one mom told me she was coming home and tears immediately came to my eyes. I was so excited for her and her family!!  She confided, that she had felt like she had been half-doing her job at the workplace and half-doing her job as a mom and wife...failing in those areas. Did you know your most high-calling on Earth is your blessing of being a wife and mother? Titus 2 clearly tells us that. That we are to be busy at HOME! Have you ever noticed that when you visit and the mother is not home, something just feels odd about the situation. It's because the heart(female) is not there.

My first and most important advice for the woman wanting to quit work is:
Pray. Seek your Husband's advice. Both of you seek God. This is a life changing situation and will need much prayer. So just seek His will for your family. He's going to do a "big work" (my sophie says this) in YOU! I am so excited about this! You should be too!

If you're checking on the Girls

Well, it seemed that the girls had passed the sore throat and were beginning to feel better on Monday.
However, today it seems they are not fighting a runny nose and feeling generally achey. I am not sure what is going on. Claire is on her 10th day of around the clock nebulizer breathing treatments. She has an appt. tomorrow with her Asthma Specialist. I'm not sure if I can make that happen with sick kids with a one hour  one-way drive to Kingsport. This afternoon, they all generally started feeling worse. Hannah is really feeling bad. Her blood sugars have been really high since last week when her illness started. I am not sure what tomorrow will hold. We have a very special day Sunday with Naomi's Dedication so I pray they will be feeling much better! Thanks for caring to check in on them.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today During Quiet Time

God Made Sisters For Best Friends
(Noami and Sophia)


Today was a milestone for Naomi. Out of nowhere it happened. Actually, I can't say nowhere. It's been brewing for awhile now...

The way I see it, ages 1-3 are tough times for parents. Not tough times, tough time-consuming times if you are stopping to train your children. Training? What does training mean?  Well, the Bible says in Ephesians 6:4
4 Fathers,[b] do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.

Okay, I know that I am not the Father here, but as the Mother who has devoted my days to my children, I am to train Naomi. Child-training in our home begins in the early years as soon as the infant begins to comprehend good and bad behavior.  For example, Naomi has a tendency to push her food and drink off the high chair top. When this happens, I will look into her eyes at her level, and say, "NO!"  Today, in school, she was doing her usual wrecking the school room with books, markers, and anything she could grab. Part of me was letting her enjoy being a baby just prowling around.  This week, it has become a big distraction and problem with the messes she is making. Right now, in her sweet slumber, she is wearing a green beard from markers.  Cute, I know. But really not such a great thing. Back to the story.  I have been interrupted numerous times from her prowling spree for weeks now and today was time to stop it. That means the teacher must STOP everything and go to her. I know, time off from the other girls, but it was a great teachable moment for them-I hope they remember it with their own children one day.  Noami had markers everywhere and nothing I could do would please her. She threw her writing board off the seat along with her marker. I quickly pulled her up and tapped her fully cushioned bummy(from Pampers diapers) and firmly said, "No more." She burst into tears, tears rolling down those cute round chubby cheeks. Her mouth was open, her binky fell out and I had hurt her feelings.  I comforted her and held her as I continued to teach 2 children manuscript Bb and 2 other children cursive Bb. She was fine after a bit.  I cuddled her and snuggled her against me as she was on my hip while I taught writing class(reminds me of the good ole nursery&toddler days at West Ridge in Pittsburgh.) At one point, she wanted down so I let her down. She slowly went about the room and no longer wrecked the classroom nor threw anything down. Naomi also got up in my chair at one occasion and sat so kindly and patiently as I worked with the others and she was occupied watching me and playing with something in her hand.
It was a great teachable moment for all 6 of us in the room.

Was it sad to spank her? Yes. Was it aggravating to stop and go to her instead of carrying on teaching? YES! That is the hardest part, stopping!  BUT, it is so worth it!  And, it is God's instruction for us parents!!

Training is hard work. The fruit of it, is a blessing. Seeing your children walk in obedience to the Lord and their parents is a precious sight.

So, if you have asked-how does she do it?  This is one of the ways. I am learning every day through God's grace and guidance. 

Without Him, I am nothing. 
Can do nothing.
But WITH Him, I can accomplish all things.
Mighty works and good deeds.
Blessing my husband and Children.
Teaching my daughters to serve and love.

All because of the blood of Jesus. 
I can do it JOYFULLY!

Mommy to 1,4,6,7, and 10 year olds

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

from hannah


It's Raining

I just know that  I know that God is about to do something really wonderful with our family and I"m not sure what it is, but tonight I was in awe of His spirit surrounding me and revealing to me that He is still at work in us, through us for HIS glory!  As the rain falls on our rooftop tonight, there is a peace that I have not had in some time.

2 Free Issues of Family Circle Magazine

2 Free Issues of Family Circle Magazine

If you are interested, this magazine usually has some useful coupons. Get the coupons and trash the magazine when you are all done and get some good deals ;-)


It's a warmer day here in Big Stone Gap.

If you are wondering about the girls:

Hannah still has ketones and a slight sore throat but wants to head off to piano class shortly.

Madison is feeling a little better today.

Claire is still having breathing treatments and cough, but feels good other than that.

Naomi seems to be a little stuffy and irritable.

Sophia is a bright and hyper as ever. Seems like she has skipped past.

The girls and I are trying to gather some home=made goodies for Christmas gifts that we have either grown or made.  I really like the online offers of FREE shipping and good sales. I recently was able to get a super-cute return labels with caricatures on them. The recipient is going to love this gift so much that I'm not sure if they'll use them!

Rick and Shandee are trying to make time to talk about Christmas gifts and pull a DVD video together for Naomi's Dedication for Sunday-Rick rescued the pictures!  yeah!  OH and did I mention we are in need of family pictures?!

For now...the girls and I are going outside to gather sunflower seeds that we grew from our sunflowers that dear Ms. Candace gave us.

In an hour...off to get Hannah to piano and to grab some really cheap Kellog's cereal at CVS!  Kellogg's cereal is on sale this week and I have coupons, hope they have it in stock.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Finally an Update

It has been a whirlwind of events since my last post. Rick commented to me that once Hannah got very sick lastnight that it seemed like we were re-living September 27th again. He so sweetly made 2 separate trips out to stores to purchase various things that she might be able to eat or drink. We did not have regular soda on hand, but the dr. said said we had to get some carbs in her so he had to get regular pop. She did not want that so the dr. said candy. She was just so-so about that. It probably seemed really unusual to her because we'd been limiting that and all of a sudden we are offering it over and over!

This morning her ketones were moderate and this afternoon have moved to trace. That is great news! Thanks for your prayers because God did work while she slept.  She still looks "sick" and worn through her eyes. Hannah reveals how she is feeling through her eyes and I can tell she is feeling bad in her eyes. The good news and most thankful news is:  NO IV"S!!!

I called Pappy to stay with the others while I took the trip to the Dermatologist for Naomi. She still has not healed from the bug bites this summer, no new ones, just same ones looking bad and keeping her up on and off alnight.

 So THANKFUL Hannah is doing better. The others have sore throats and slight coughs. Claire's is giving her trouble prompting breathing treatments.

That is a real quick summary of todays's events.  Thanks for thinking of us during this time!


Sunday, November 14, 2010

10:30 report

hannah got sick and threw up...

i was on the phone with her dr. for 20mins.

she has moderate ketones now and managed to eat 2 chicken nuggets.

the on-call dr. said that if hannah refuses to eat and remains nauseaus w/ketones and not eating, she will have to go to the ER for some fluids.

after hannah ate, I gave her .5 units of her insulin as directed by on call dr.

praying tonight will be restful... hannah and naomi has an appt. tomorrow for the dermatologist and also an appt. for my dr. to continue treating the vein and blood clot(I had to put that off when Hannah was admitted in Sept.) Not looking like anyone will be able to make appointments tomorrow. Naomi is still itching at night very badly with her allergic reaction to the bug bites.

Hannah Again

I failed to mention that we had a really bad night with Hannah lastnight trying to giver her insulin...it was the worst...she told me she was afraid of dying because "kids die with diabetes and cancer."  She later started asking me questions about heaven.  It was very sad to hear her and know that she is scared. So, she needs to be covered in prayer.  Bless her.

Prayer for Hannah and the other girls

This week, Hannah spiked a high blood sugar level upon speaking to her dr's office, the nurse suggested that Hannah may be fighting something. That turns out to be true...

Claire and Sophia were feeling ill and even Claire needed breathing treatments. They have been able to eat and hold down food and liquids. Out of nowhere this afternoon, Hannah started complaining of very burning sore throat. She just came to me right now and needs me to hold her.

She now has small to moderate ketones and has not been able to eat since this morning at church snacktime.  So she needs prayer for healing. IF she has to go into any hospital and get an IV again this soon, she is going to be devastated. With her diabetes, she can get in a bad way quickly when sick.

Thank you for your prayers.

Will update or have Rick to do so...

One last thing

  Please join us during our church service on Sunday, November 21st for Noami's Baby Dedication. East Stone Gap Methodist Church, 11 a.m. service. 
Arrive early for seating. Our seats get filled up very easily, I may even ask that some be reserved if possible. Rick, Myself, and children all fill up one row!  

(I was hoping to get a DVD put together for this, but it's not looking like I can even find her birth pictures to do that. I pray something can work out for that.)

All of our pictures have been deleted

During the transfer period, something happened with Rick's work on our pictures. We ran out of hard disk space to store them and in my words, "they were deleted."  Our Mac is out of space. He has tried to recover them. I can't find them. I am in lingo on how to get some current ones downloaded that I can take from here on out. I guess I"ll just start taking some with the computer camera because those will not be deleted and I can very easily post them to my blog. I am so sorry. I really wanted to share the hospital experience pictures with you.  Maybe it was best this way, some are emotional. So anyways, pictures will be posted as I can get them. I am so sad and frustrated that I can't get them on here  and that they were wiped away and not accessible to me ;-(
Even birth pictures of my babies...so sad and disappointing.
It just seems like nothing is going right these days...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Knoxville Coming up and other notes

I woke up around 5 to nurse Naomi and settle her back down. She is resting now.  I am still awake.

I remembered how Hannah was hurting yesterday morning and cannot settle back down.

Time to return back to Knoxville in about 4 weeks.

I had a lengthy phone conversation with Dr. K's main nurse yesterday.  I am so thankful she called me back. This was the same nurse that was at first overwhelmed with our family during the Knoxville visit and who later gave us "the scenic tour" inside and outside the hospital before we left. It's amazing how God puts people in your paths sometimes and I just feel it in my spirit about this nurse. So, anyways,  she was the most helpful person I've talked to these past few weeks. She suggested we see a GI Specialist because she and along with the Endocrinologist and our regular Primary Care Physician do not believe that Diabetes alone is causing Hannah's nausea and stomach problems. All along,  Dr. K. has mentioned that there may be another problem or two along with the diabetes. We have not discussed this information with anyone because I do not want anything negative spoken about Hannah. I have been asking God for healing and answers. Not speaking it and plain out ignoring it.  When Hannah continues to have this stomach pain and nausea, I cannot ignore it. We're really not sure without testing. I do not want to put her through anything else right now for testing. Rick and I are going to have to pray on it; we can see a GI Specialist without testing. I just want Hannah to feel better.

It's a very unusual thing that happened in our family in May.  Naomi came down with a rash and illness in May. Since then, our family has been attacked with one thing after another. I have never seen such aggressive attacks toward our family. Again, I look to Greg Laurie's blog post about this particular subject. I really want the attacks to stop.  Someone from our church has asked to do a "Jericho Walk" around our home with prayer, I think that may be just what we need.

I know God is using this in some way because that is the way He does things. We never go through pain or trials without it resulting to honor God and bring glory to Him. All we know is that we trust Him and that is what we know.  You know, God loves Hannah and each of us more than the parents or family. That's hard to imagine, but He created Hannah in my womb in His perfect timing. I trust that the same God still has His hands on this sweet, fancy-spirited little girl. That gives me rest when there is no other hope in this world.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Day

It is finally relaxful in the Childress Home on Shawnee Avenue.

Naomi is pushing buttons on a pretend phone.

Madison is on the laptop reading my blog.

Rick is talking to some of the girls about Mario Galaxy.

Hannah has on comfy pjs and has hooked me up to a blood pressure cuff attached with tape and a red ink pen with the top missing. She said the ink pen is for my insulin.

Sophia is just hanging on top of the couch against Rick.

Claire is sitting in the floor trying to analyze every move of Mario. She is constantly trying to figure things out.

And, Shandee, I am so thankful it is Friday. I hope we can finally get to see Daddy and spend time with him.

We are starting a movie night shortly.

The party today was sweet and fun for all the children. I don't know if it was for the Mommies, but I know that I had the best cleanup crew in Big Stone Gap...thank you, Kathy Earwood ;-)
We had a good time and I think they are all ready to settle in. It's so good for us to be home in a warm house and the blessing of us all here. After Hannah's hospital stay, we have realized that just being together is the most precious gift God gives us. All to be well and TOGETHER. It was terribly hurtful, exhausting, and uncomfortable for the times we were apart or separated-which was Hannah's worst fear.

Madison, you were the GREATEST helper today, couldn't have done it without you, young lady. Way to go!

Goodnight and Best Wishes for the weekend.


Party Day!

Hannah's having her party this afternoon with her friends at church! Something she's been looking forward to for a long time.

Daddy, we are sad you cannot be there and will miss you much. We'll have some fancy jewelry to show you ;-)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I received this nice sampler package from Procter and Gamble this summer and used the diaper sample in a new Baby gift bag today for a sweet family with a new little cutie.


I have always tried being savvy with our  budget, but these days I am pushing hard to save every way we can.  This past summer in the library program, our kids won a $10 gift certificate to a local pizza restaurant. We were thrilled!  Thank you, Ms. Sherry and Pizza Plus!

(BTW:  We are not getting a promo or freebie for this and it is not a form of advertising)

More Ads Revealed Today

Penney's, Toys R Us, Costco, and Belk ads posted.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Friday News

I got an email that the Target Ad has leaked out!

Check out these websites:



Guess how I became interested in Black Friday Shopping?

How's your kids doing with the time change?

Mine are slow...

They are up early and tired by 6, but not ready to go to bed till 9.

It will probably just take some time to get adjusted.

My girls have been so excited about the Christmas season. I see twinkles in their sweet eyes when we talk of the Holidays. Yummy Christmas goodies that the grandmas make and our favorite green punch.

Jesus is definitely worth celebrating!  We're hoping to share Christmas songs this year as an outreach ministry of our very own. We started practicing songs the 2nd week we were home from the hospital. Speaking of that, we uploaded our pictures and it is very emotional to see. I will be sharing some of those in the future so be sure to check back by next week.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Like a New Baby

Oh, it is like having a new baby with Hannah.

One minute she seems fine.

She's having a great day and her blood sugar levels are great.


Out of nowhere...

she becomes irritable and whiney

blood sugar levels rise

something seems wrong and we're not quite sure what it is or how to fix it

Along with caring for the other day to day tasks and other children.
If you're a Mom, you've been there. Tired and not knowing what to do.
That's where I am.  We still have not found a solution to her stomach problems, no one knows where to send us for help except in circles.

Hannah is hiding right now. She hid from getting me to avoid her insulin tonight.  She told me she was looking for a hammer to crush all the needles and pens to not  get insulin. I prayed at that very moment and asked God for healing. We had a talk and moved on to get her insulin.

I'm hoping Naomi will sleep tonight and no one will wake through the night. Usually, at all hours, there is at least one person up.

We're still praying and trusting.

Great note: Hannah did go to piano today and had a blast. She is so proud!  Thanks, Leah ;-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

For Hannah

Our Week

Hooray!  Hannah is heading back to piano tomorrow for the first time since she was diagnosed and hospitalized.  She told me she has forgotten some things, but that is okay; she's a super quick learner ;-)

Many of you would like to know how Hannah is doing. She is super busy right back to our family's daily life. Our home is busy, fast-paced, warm, and loving.  Only because of the blood of Jesus!

 Hannah's blood sugar levels remained elevated and not under total control as the doctors would prefer, her morning insulin keeps getting increased per her doctor's orders. When we came home from the hospital, her dosage was 1 unit and has increased to 7 units, as of today. I am praying there will be no further increase. The disappointed look on her face proved to me that she felt broken last week when we were increased. She is very tired of the shots this week. I am very tired of the shots and finger pokes.  I spent a lot of time at the grocery store tonight reading labels trying to find the perfect low-carb or "free" snacks to incorporate into her schedule. I wanted to treat her with  some fun cookies and chocolate milk.

Side Note: I would like to add a note about label reading. I have found that manufacturers can mislead consumers to get consumers to buy their product. Here's the example: while shopping at Food City, I bought soft shell wraps in the Mexican section. As I was finishing my shopping, I found a super package that was much more appealing to the eye than the Food City brand I had in my cart. Guess what made this even better?  In a brown section with art of wheat, it read LOW CARBS.  It looked healthier because I saw the wheat and I thought it was perfect since it was low carbs.  When I looked under the nutrition label, the Carb Amount was the exact same Carb Amount as in the cheaper Food City brand in my cart.  Therefore, labels are meant to catch our eye and get us to buy!  Shoppers beware ;-)

Goodnight. I"m worn out!

Children's Place Sale! $10 sweaters, 15% Off, PLUS $10 gift cards

Go here to visit The Children's Place Sale and get some good buys.

To Save additional 15%discounts, enter code G4C2010 at checkout.

For me, this store has some great deals at equal to or better prices than Wal-Mart, but the quality is so much better.

Happy Shopping!

Gift Card Idea:
If you are planning on purchasing anyways, buy a $40 gift certificate for yourself and then receive a free $10 certificate for your $40 gift certificate purchase!  Also, you receive additional cards for every $40 purchase, these are some great savings!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Free Foods List for Hannah's Snack

The following foods are Carb-Free, which the Dietician taught us is called a Free Food These foods we do not have to count because they are 0 carbs or FREE!

Any food that is less than 5 grams of Carbs(refer to label for this info.)


Meat Such As: Ham, Pepperoni, Beef Stix

Drinks less than 5 carbs(Minute Maid Juice Pouches that say 10 CALORIE PACKS)

Sugar-Free popsicles


Sour Cream (NOT LIGHT, Regular Only)

Ranch Dressing (NOT LIGHT, Regular Only)

Less Starchy Vegetables such as; carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans

Hope this helps! Love, Shandee

Hannah's Snack-Label Reading

Here's how we were taught to read labels in planning snacks for Hannah.

First, we are to become super-duper label readers(which I was already good with ;-)

Second, look at the grams of CARBOHYDRATES(Carbs.) She can have ANY food! Yippee! The carb and portion count is what matters!!
Hannah is allowed to have 15 grams of carbs for her snack. This includes her drink and food. In reading labels, 15 grams of carbs is a small amount in most foods.

Thirdly, look at the serving size. This tells us her portion size.

For this label: the portion size is 1/2 Cup and it is 15 grams of Carbs.
That is the exact amount of carbs.
So, what about a drink with this snack? Well, she has used all 15 carbs so we need to do a drink with NO CARBS. Again, look at the label and it will tell you how many carbs. Most all drinks have carbs, but I know something that does not!
Below is a list: any Diet Drinks, Water, and Sugar-Free drink or Kool-Aid sweetened with a natural sweetener that contains 0 carbs. Crystal Light mixes have showed 0 carbs. I am searching to find a great-tasting, light natural sweetener that has no artificial taste. This is another thing I am learning about. We have tried Ideal and it seems to have the lesser artificial taste. If you have links or great suggestions for natural sweeteners, please let me know in the comment section.

Thank you Mrs.Wheatley and Mrs. Kathy Earwood for going out of your way to accomodate Hannah!!

Love, Shandee

CVS Update

Here's the update in case you were looking:
I did not get the deal at CVS. When going to the Big Stone Gap CVS, they were out of or low on quantities of the items you needed to purchase in order to get the DVD deal. Upon calling Norton VA and the CVS on West Stone Drive in Kingsport, TN, I learned they were out of several of the advertised items as well.

What did I learn from this?

1. Did I really want the Toy Story 3 DVD? Would I really have planned to purchase the DVD? The answer is NO, probably not. So, the deal may seem really more appealing at first than it actually is in real life and just because it is a great deal, does not mean I will always want that deal.

2. The second thing I learned about CVS shopping is if I really want an advertised item, I must go on Sunday because the chances of them having the item(s) past Sunday, are pretty slim.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Miriam Webster's Definition of Dependable:
capable of being depended on : reliable

"Yes be yes" in the Bible: Matthew 5:37

Jesus tells us to let our yes be yes and our no be no. He wants us to tell the truth directly and succinctly, avoiding lying or half-truths when letting our yes be yes would suffice.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Day and Jakey

Today was our first day back at Gym Day with the Homeschool Group. It was so wonderful to be with everyone and so refreshing for the girls to be with their friends running and playing. It felt like good old times again and it was great!

Hannah continues to have stomach pain and I'm trying to help her with that. Her Endocrinologist has suggested we speak to her Pediatrician. Her pediatrician has no help for us either. I know that I know when Hannah's blood sugar is elevated that she feels nauseous and I am praying for some help for her.

Pictured with us is a good friend who has became Hannah's pal. Last month, we were waiting in at Norton Hospital for bloodwork before we were sent to Johnson City. Hannah's Daddy took her inside the giftshop and lovingly bought her a new friend that would be on this journey. Little did we know that Jakey would become Hannah's best bud from her first finger pokes and insulin shots to home in Big Stone Gap. Jakey is a good friend. We'll let you meet him. Photos taken this afternoon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Being Real

Forgive me if I have down days, days that I don't seem positive...because I know today has been one of those days. We know God is in control. His ways are not ours and guess what? His ways are perfect!

It never fails for some reason that when I am struggling, a blog post appears from one of Rick's RSS Feeds on the particular subject I am struggling with.

Tonight, I saw one from Greg Laurie. It will be encouraging to you as well.

Greg Laurie's Blog
Hannah Josey

"favored grace that Jehovah increases"

Our Hannah...that is what her name means

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hannah's progress is still the same. Insulin, carb counts, and phone calls to the dr.
She feels very nauseas when her levels are high; we may be referred onto a GI specialist. Not sure what will transpire from that, but I cannot even consider doing an Endoscopy test!!!

She still has not had a birthday celebration with her friends, Rick and I need some facetime tonight to discuss how to pull that off. Honestly, if she had not been in the hospital then I would really opt to skip out on a party this year. We have so much going on right now, the least thing I want to do is plan a party.

I'm still waiting to upload pictures of the pedicure day, I think you'll enjoy them!


P.S. To all the onlookers at every place we go and to the ones bold enough to ask, 'YES, THEY ARE ALL MINE AND YES THEY ARE ALL GIRLS AND YES I AM ONLY 34 YEARS OLD WITH ALL THESE BLESSINGS' (Short Sidenote: A man at Wise Food City about fell over when I told him I had 5 children and the coupon machine kept printing out coupon after coupon!)