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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Looking Back

We've shared the stories of the loving bond of sisters...

We've shared the stories of the loving bond of sisters...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finding a friend

Jennifer Taylor-if you still visit our blog, I'd love to hear from you and find out where you are now so we can visit you.  Please comment or email me at:  mchrswalkinginfaith@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Looking Back

I found this picture tonight, how I would love to go back to one day with all this young ones. No school lesson plans, just being home and enjoying life with four children age 5 and under, three of the children age 2 and under. The Lord was so sweet to us, blessing us with many young children at one time! Knowing that each one was planned and ordained to be at the time He chose!

(p.s. as you can see with our phone in the floor, mommy being on the phone has always been a low priority)

Note of thanks to my ever- so thoughtful man, friend, and hubby for capturing a precious moment in time. I am grateful for this picture even though it was my idea to take it!  <3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Current Thoughts on the Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis

It's now been 15 months into the journey of the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes.

How are we doing?   
  • Most importantly, we pray everyday, many times a day, that our daughter will be healed by a miracle and we also pray for the scientists who are searching for a cure. Our daughter believes that she can be healed and asks "that I don't have to do any finger pokes or insulin anymore."
  • Learning to cope physically and emotionally is part of the battle.
  • God has certainly blessed us during this time because He has given this sweet girl such a brave spirit. Her bravery has made the transition much easier. I am so proud that she willingly will do her blood sugar readings with finger pokes-I oversee it, but she does all the actual readings herself. She  allows us to give her insulin and we have a sort of routine for the sites where it is administered. She and one of her older sisters have learned to give the insulin in case of emergency or if I must be gone. It is a rare thing if I am not with Hannah, but she now knows how to administer her insulin on her side or stomach (with supervision) after we have calculated her carbs and told her the number. This way if there is an emergency, she would be able to do this if necessary. We are constantly adjusting and changing with carb counts, highs and lows, and insulin changes. Managing Type 1 Diabetes is a job in itself. It is tiring and Hannah does not like to talk about it or have any attention brought to herself. For this reason, there are times that she asks that I please not blog about it or tell anyone. She feels embarassed, afraid, and burdened. As her mother, I feel helpless, disappointed, angry, scared, and strong. Strong? YES! I know that I MUST take care of my child. I know that God has given me the strength to do this and I trust that God will equip Hannah and myself, along with our family, in many ways to move forward. Most importantly, I praise God that Hannah was able to come home and lay in her bed again. I am thankful that modern medicine will allow my daughter to live a comfortable, enjoyable life until she is healed or there is a cure!  I am currently researching  how our family can become more involved with the ongoing support of Childhood Type 1 Diabetes.

Hannah LOVES the cats that God has brought to our doorstep. For some reason, God brought a cat to our backdoor two nights after she came home from the hospital and this cat has given us 6 kittens. Hannah loves them and has more compassion for them than the other girls do. I can't help but think, did God  bring this cat to our door?

Repost: Diagnosis of Type 1 Childhood Diabetes



Hi Everyone.

Just sending an update on Hannah. If you have not received the church email, Hannah was moved to Johnson City Children's Hospital Monday after a dr's visit. As of late lastnight, tests have confirmed she is or has been in the onset of juvenille diabetes. We were praying for a miracle of healing and the first test to be wrong. The 2nd test was consistent with the first showing she had been having high blood sugar levels for at least the past 3 months. We are disappointed, but now being strong and educated on how to care for her on a daily basis. Our entire family's lifestyle will change now.

Our whole family has been together until this afternoon. The rest of the girls had really been exhausted and stressed since Monday. As Rick said, "they have been our support." Such precious girls. They have been in most excellent behavior and spirit. They are saddened to see their sister in pain, with IV's and continous needle sticks. Hannah is doing better in spirit and action today. She was just up moving her bed up and down for the first time, which means she feels like prowling and moving around.

Rick and I decided for the girls to go home for normalcy and to be with familiar surroundings. They were exhausted from travelling back and forth from the Ronald McDonald House and to the hospital. The first night was really the worst with the girls not knowing what to expect. They could not eat, they sat at the table crying not knowing what was going to happen with Hannah and our family. Hannah requested and begged for us not to be separated and we have been able to maintin that until today. The hospital is about an hour and half drive for us from home.

I need to record what Claire said this morning before I forget. As we were driving in the cool rain toward the hospital, she seriously said, "Mommy, I wish we could start over," and my heart felt lost. She explained that if we could "start over" then this wouldn't have happened. I told her that it is just as our friend told us, we live in a fallen world and because of sin we have these kinds of problems. I reminded all of my four redheads that no matter what, God is in control when we do face these problems and we trust him no matter what.

Hannah is now being read to and practicing giving insulin to her baby doll. She did a good job. She is so brave and no longer cries when she gets her finger poked for readings. I just can't believe this is happening. It all seems like I am watching from the outside. One of the worst things is being separated. It is very hard for us to be apart. Please pray for our children. They have been so brave and excellent behavior. They are so precious. Rick siad they were so happy to be home once he dropped them off. Also, please pray for me as I travel home this evening. It is a long drive home and we are all separated. The Enemy whispers fear into my ear during those times but God is with us and even me when I am alone. That is very hard for me, my days are so busy, loud, and full that I am very rarely alone. Naomi is still very attached to me and nursing so we do need to pray for her. She has never been apart from me this long.

The grandparents(Granny & Pappy) are with them until I return home. Feel free to call them, I am sure they will be taking care of things while I am out and we will probably be away tomorrow as well.

Thank you for prayers.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Repost on Modesty

Wow, what timing it is that I found this article. It is interesting that the Lord led me to read the story of David&Bathsheba this week during my time with Him. Much of the trouble with David &Bathsheba began  because of her immodesty. Below is a sensitive article, but necessary for the issue of modesty.


SUNDAY, JULY 5, 2009

Sharing a Very Important Letter to Godly-Women

Wow, what an inspiring letter I came across this week. After our last church visit last week, my heart became troubled and very disappointed and disturbed with what examples I saw of Godly women and how they were dressed, even at church. I left feeling disturbed that day.

This letter that God led me to inspired me and challenged me as a woman of God of how I must present myself to the world. It's very sensitive so be prepared as you read.

My prayer: Dear Lord, Let every eye that reads this post be transformed by your grace through it. Let every man and woman be challenged by it as our heart's desire is to live for you and honor you in it all with our actions and even the way we dress. Let our eyes be on you Lord! Thank for your mercy every day and help us to be more like You, Lord! Amen.


A Godly Man Comments on Modesty
By: Anonymous
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The following is a heart-felt letter written by a godly single young man to his sisters in Christ. In it he shares his struggle with immodestly dressed women in church. Eye-opening for sure.

Dear Sisters in Christ,

I’m 34 years old and single. Up until I was 26, I shamelessly indulged in lust while I outwardly paraded myself around as an upstanding Christian man. But today, because of the blood of Jesus and deep repentance, I am able to say that I am no longer that man. And the work of God’s grace has not only taught me to deny the ungodliness of lustful thoughts, but to go one step further and truly seek to honor you as sisters in my thoughts.

I wish I could write to you and tell you I am able to walk into church without any fear of encountering the temptation to lust anymore; but I can’t. In fact, to be honest, in the past 8 years I’ve even decided not to go to church on more than one occasion because I knew I was too weak to face some of the women there.

As I type I can still remember a few times when I actually had to turn around and get on my knees during some of the worship services because I didn’t want to be more captivated with some of the girls on the worship team than with God. There have also been plenty of other times when I had to purposely look at the floor as I walked through the foyer in order to avoid the same thing. Did I not desire to put the ugliness of my past behind me, I would not go to such lengths. But honoring you and my God now means more to me than my own self-indulgence.

Therefore, I hope that what I am about to share will help those of you who dress without any consideration for these things.

You are beautiful; yes. That much I can see without you doing anything to convince me. But please do not entice me to notice you. Is it not enough that God endowed you with the beauty you possess? And that He has made you a gift to your present or future husband? Please help me to rejoice with him rather than tempt me to steal from him.

I understand that the fashion world is becoming more and more revealing, and that it’s increasingly difficult to find attractive clothing that’s modest. But have you considered my weakness as you look at yourself in the dressing room mirror? If you only knew how often the immodest outfits you wear accost me, perhaps you would see yourself differently.

“But you’re responsible for your thoughts, not me,” you might think. Yes, you are right. I must stand before God and own every one of them someday. And were you a woman of the world I would have no grounds on which to make my appeal. But you name the Name of Christ, as I do. And you call me your brother.

My desire is to honor you; yet there are times that you dress as if you wish I wouldn’t. I implore you; please consider these things. I have spoken openly and honestly. But I have endeavored to do so in love, not in criticism.

In loving sincerity,
Your brother in Christ

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Repost from my blog Worth Sharing Again

Repost from almost 3 years ago!


These Days...

These days we are...
  • preparing for the birth of our new baby!  long week last week, had to make a trip to Labor&Delivery-her movement was very low, all was well. Only 7 1/2 weeks till her big day!
  • transitioning Sophie's clothing into the room where she sleeps with big girls
  • finishing Upward Basketball with an Awards Ceremony Saturday
  • studying the British Isles in History
  • preparing for the final days of school-we must be finished near the end of April in order for baby Sister's arrival
  • making lots of trips to Kingsport for Shandee's OB and perinatologist appointments plus the girl's asthma specialist
  • starting a list for warm weather projects for home improvement
  • guitar lessons
  • training, training, training all day. Tonight, I was just recalling the days of having three children age two and under-that was so hard just trying to do anything seemed impossible
  • thanking God in all the ways He blesses us

Monday, January 2, 2012

Past Posts Celebrating Babies & Birthdays with us

Visit this archive post from our blog for baby and birthday celebrations!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Excerpt from Above Rubies-The Titus 2 Woman(Repost)

Wow, this is SO powerful and encouraging to mothers! Early in my journey of motherhood, the Lord made realize just what this lady has shared below.
I pray you'll be blessed by it again as I share once more.


This really touched my heart and encouraged me. My heart has always been at home and in the chaos, I wouldn't have it any other way. I thought this was worth posting. I read this excerpt from Above Rubies ministry.


Excerpt from Above Rubies

As I pondered my “good old days when my nights were filled with joyful songs”, the Lord brought me to Titus 2:3-5. At that point, I saw CLEARLY why I had lost my joy (and my health). I had ceased doing what God had put on my heart to do.

I was looking for fulfillment in church ministry, when he had given me a ministry right in my own home. I had a husband to minister to, encourage, and love. I had children to train and disciple for the Lord. I had been neglecting this in order to do what I thought was “more important.”

Now, my heart has come home, and I am supremely joyful again. I am content with loving my husband and my children and being a keeper of the home. My health is better than it has been in years.

It is a ministry to serve your family. The Lord does not intend for you to do dozens of church ministries. His will is that you love your husband, ,your children and homemaking. (Titus 2:3-5 NIV).The older women weren’t told to train the younger women to attend all the Bible studies or do all the church activities, but to “love their husbands and children and be busy at home.” (Titus 2:3-5).

Actually, you do not even have to go out of your house for Bible study. I am currently working through Nancy Campbell’s The Power of Motherhood . It is excellent, eye-opening, and I highly recommend it. Waiting for me after I finish it is The Family Meal Table and Hospitality.

I believe that many women today are joyless, stressed, discouraged, sick, and exhausted because they are seeking to do that which God has not called them to do. Their spirits and their bodies are crying out to slow down their frantic pace and to put their whole heart into serving their families. Sadly, like me, they have been deceived into thinking that it is not ministry.

Motherhood is a ministry. There is no nothing more important you could be doing.

PATTI GARDNERhttp://aboverubies.org/